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Feeling fearful, anxious, unsure about your capabilities or unsupported for your upcoming labour and birth as an expecting mother to be? No wise woman to turn to for support?

Need that extra helping hand to resolve your fears or challenges, feel prepared, make wise choices and experience the amazingly positive, gentle natural start that you deeply desire and richly deserve – for you and your baby?

Let me help you cross the bridge from fear to total peace and power and give your baby the very best start in life. Something that you can look back on and cherish for a lifetime and so you can approach motherhood with newfound strength and confidence.

I am so honoured to be part of your pregnancy and birth journey and especially grateful to the many women who have personally contacted me and shared what a difference my words, support and insights are already making in your life. This is what keeps me going on my mission.

With so many beautiful women around the world opening their hearts and sharing their deepest fears and concerns with me over recent times, YOU have now inspired me to go and further my training and qualifications beyond my bachelor degree Public Health professional background.

Now I am excited to share that I have new knowledge and skills in coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and time line therapy to help you work through and transform some of the deeper issues that may be unresolved and holding you back from having the amazing birth experience and start to motherhood you truly deserve.

Confession: I also spent the last 30 years working on my own childhood trauma and confidence issues and am no stranger to loss, having recently pulled myself out of the deepest grief so I bring this and my love and empathy for connecting deeply with others and helping to better their lives. I was always that person that other women would share their deepest darkest secrets with so I know I can keep yours!

I know what it’s like to be terrified of childbirth – yes once upon a time I was you – and I know what it takes to get to the other side where peace and power resides. Things I didn’t even know were possible including a pain free natural birth!!

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I am excited to offer personal birth mentoring services~ now available by appointment only via phone or skype, both locally (Australia-wide) or internationally for a limited number of expecting clients.

Together we will explore your biggest questions, fears, challenges and concerns. For some, it will be about gaining confidence in your abilities and for others it will be important to understand all of your options and make the right decisions to prepare for your baby’s birth and beyond. 


“We’ve had our baby and she’s just perfect happy and healthy. Just wanted to say a million thank yous to you for having introduced me to the world of positive natural birth as mine was this way and it was amazing” ~ Luisa

“Thank you so much for the session! I came into it feeling overwhelmed, terrified, and honestly just so inadequate. After speaking to you, I feel peaceful, full of courage, and empowered! 💛 I now have a toolbox of information and techniques that I can utilize for my natural birth. I’m going to purchase your book on Amazon, compile a list of birth affirmations, and begin “marathon training” with my meditation and relaxation techniques. Using birth positive words such as “waves” and “intensity” are important to helping me stay in a positive frame of mind, and I’ll make sure that my husband and hospital staff use that same kind of empowering language. I can’t afford a doula right now, but I’m going to look into finding a student doula who might be able to help me out at a reduced rate. I am so grateful to you for offering your time and expertise. You were kind enough to go out of your way to help a complete stranger, and after talking to you, I honestly believe I can do this! You made me laugh and feel completely relaxed. Thank you so SO much! “💖💖💖 ~ Laura Johnson (Utah, USA)

“Wow!! You are just a gift that just keeps giving! Thank you so much! Xx I am so grateful to have been fortunate to have one on one time coaching time with you ❤️ Frankly I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious. You have managed to turn it all around and now I feel empowered and ready to start preparing for my {Everest}’trek.’ The quality of tools and resources provided, have given me what I need to conquer my own mountain because the best view comes with the hardest climb!
I look forward to purchasing your book and using it as my inspiration and practical guide. This birth will be a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) and as you have informed me, it is best to ask how the doctors/nurses support this and to use the BRAIN technique when talking to specialists. I will also be building a strong support crew, who will be able to advocate for me when I am unable to and will help me stay focused on my meditation techniques and affirmations.

When the time is near, I will not only be packing a hospital bag for baby but a birth kit containing safety comforts to help make my environment feel natural and safe for me. I feel much more empowered and I feel I have already begun to build my tribe of warriors through the help and support you have provided me. I know I can do this! Thank you so very much Katrina for your time and for sharing with me your wisdom! ✌ ~ Shandel (Mother, Brisbane Australia)

“Thank you for your inspiring work helping women around the world become less fearful of the birth, it truly is the most empowering experience meeting your bubba! ” Thank you, ~ Bec 

The book A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth has answered a lot of my questions, but it is the one on one session that I had with you today that offered me a lot more clarity.

Reading the book helped me create a plan and work through it, but receiving your coaching, highlighted many weak points in my plan, and gave me a bigger picture of the whole experience of giving birth; It is beyond the “fear monster” we create, greater than our worries, its about life, its the priceless gift of nature…Thank you 🙂 🙂 !!  ~ Chrystelle

“I didn’t know that my son could feel my emotions and connect with me whilst inside. I’ve spent all this time ignoring him thinking it will help me cope if we lost him when in fact it’s not helping. It’s not helping him and it’s deff not helping me. It’s so powerful knowing that. Hubby and I will try chatting to the little boy tonight and see how he responds. I am looking forward to listening to the affirmations and getting my mind in a good place filled with positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts. Then I can use them during labour.” 💜

What if you could…

  • Transform your FEARS into a sense of inner CALM and positive anticipation?
  • Change the way you think about pain & actually minimise or eliminate labour PAIN without the use of medical pain relief?
  • Achieve the kind of positive peaceful birth you have always dreamed of on your terms?

“…helped reaffirm my underlying faith in pregnancy as a completely natural and actually joyful experience ~ Taryn.

I really thank you for thisRecently I made the realization that I have not been present in a good way during my pregnancy. During the beginning of my pregnancy I was going through a lot of emotional distress with my husband. I was also working full time. I started to feel like I hadn’t bonded with my baby. I began to slow down but it was not enough. I got sick. My manager wasn’t too understanding.

That’s when I got the epiphany that I needed to respect my body and my responsibility to my child. Thank you for this reminder. I needed it. It is as if the universe is reminding me I’ve made the right choice to take my maternity leave now, two months before my due date.” ~ Martha

“Hi, it was so wonderful to talk to you today as well. You are very loving and supportive and it was very nice talking with you. The insights I took away are preparing a birth plan. I hadn’t really thought much about it before or the value of it. Now I understand the reason why and feel it’s important. It really was eye opening to hear that the baby inside of me can feel my emotions. I had heard that in the past but it really sank in today when we talked about it. Finding things to do that are relaxing and enjoyable (to stay in a stress-free zone) was also something that I would like to find more of in my life. I liked the ideas of yoga and meditating. Also was important for me to hear that I am in control of how I want this to happen and it’s ok to be a little selfish for what’s right for me and my baby. Thank you again so much.

If this sounds like you, then get in touch and let me help you cross the bridge from fear to complete peace and power, just as I did not so long ago. I have been there and I know exactly what it means to be not just afraid but absolutely terrified of birth… and I also know what it feels like to be absolutely FREE from fear and in a peaceful place of positive anticipation without the dark cloud of fear and doubt hanging over my head. I have even experienced PAIN-FREE birth and yet I experienced every single bit of it without any pain relief drugs in my body!! 

For me, this not only resulted in two natural drug free births that I so dearly wanted with my beautiful girls (that left me wanting to shout from the rooftops) but also a very empowered Mummy ready to take on the world! Thus the wonderful world of Birth Goddess was born!

While I wasn’t aware of it at the time, my obsessive research, facing my fears and commitment to conscious birth preparation was all for a good cause; it turns out I didn’t just cross the bridge for myself but for women (and their babies) all over the world! And now I can give that gift to you…


What others are saying about Birth Goddess…

Hi Katrina, It was very helpful. My baby boy is 3 months old now. Everything went well. I enjoyed your articles and thoughts. They helped me keep focused and positive during labour. Thanks for that. Regards, ~ Mathilde

“I would like to thank you for the conversation over the phone this morning, it was really helpful! Leaving my homeland, and moving to Australia was a big change for me as a women, and not having any family here or relatives was something I absolutely wish I could change especially after realising that I am pregnant with my first baby. 

It was challenging to understand the antenatal care and delivery system here with its diversity especially that it is different form the system in my homeland. Before I started reading the book I was very confused, and I had no direction or guideline to work from, but after reading the first few pages, all the confusion cleared up and I knew what I want, I knew that I want to deliver naturally without any drugs! By answering all my private, intimate, timid questions very openly, you showed me that i took the right decision and a drug free natural birth is what i want!! ~Chrystelle

So admire the kind of professional services Katrina provides to so many women, at one of the most pivotal phases of their lives. Many thanks! With much affection & gratitude ~ Marilyn

So what does it mean to have a positive birth?

A positive birth means the mother is empowered and has the freedom to choose every step of the way, who, where, how she gives birth and makes informed choices for herself and her baby. She approaches birth with a sense of positivity rather than fear, and is in control, powerful and respected. The birth leaves her feeling enriched, filled with joy and pride and ready to take on motherhood and the world.

I truly believe that underneath the cloud of fear, misconceptions and self doubt is a powerful birth goddess waiting to be revealed….

If I could shout one birth truth from the rooftops it would be this….

“When birth is no longer feared, numbed or endured it has the opportunity to become one of the most powerful, positive and transformative things a woman will ever experience in her lifetime.”~ Katrina Zaslavsky (you can quote me on that!)


Book your private 1 on 1 session with the Birth Goddess (Katrina Zaslavsky) via phone or Skype and resolve your fears for good so you can approach pregnancy, childbirth and beyond with a sense of positivity, confidence and calm surrender!

Normally $147 for a one hour private session but for a limited time, book your first session for only $97!

Plus receive a copy of my newly released 2nd edition, 5 star rated book, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth (RRP $34.95)as my gift!!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get talking!! 🙂



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