{Video} How birth took one woman from terrified to powerful – Interview with the Birth Whisperer


Anna Wilde, founder of the Birth Whisperer wrote the following about the interview: "Sometimes one woman’s  journey into motherhood can inspire many others. Katrina Zaslavsky is one woman empowering thousands of women for childbirth. Katrina overcame her extreme fears of childbirth and discovered … [Read more...]

The Baby Made me Eat it! Lemons, Pickles, Cheese and other wacky cravings…..


There is a cute tee-shirt floating around on the internet called "The Baby Made me Eat it!" It actually inspired this post which is all about exploring those wacky cravings we have as pregnant mamas and the wild journeys they take us on...... Take me for example. I still remember my daily … [Read more...]

The Golden Hour: 5 Keys to A Beautiful Beginning

blissful birth

In the words of Dr Michel Odent, “The hour following birth is undoubtedly one of the most critical phases in the life of human beings.” There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it is during the golden hour after birth where the bonding hormones peak in both mother and baby to help them fall deeply … [Read more...]

Birth By Choice, Not By Chance

There is a fascinating saying, “women often labour in the same way that they live.” How do you respond to challenges or crisis? Birth is a natural event that stretches us to our limits, not a problem that needs fixing. However, many of us have been conditioned otherwise and our body’s stress … [Read more...]

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