The Baby Made me Eat it! Lemons, Pickles, Cheese and other wacky cravings…..


There is a cute tee-shirt floating around on the internet called "The Baby Made me Eat it!" It actually inspired this post which is all about exploring those wacky cravings we have as pregnant mamas and the wild journeys they take us on...... Take me for example. I still remember my daily … [Read more...]

Gestational Diabetes test: Do you really need that sickly sweet stuff?


As women, many of us were taught to “be nice,” or “be seen and not heard.” As patients, this can translate into accepting tests, procedures, and treatments that we feel we don’t want or need, or that, in this case, might not be safe for us or our babies! ~ 2LifeDoula So well said!! (insert round … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Interview – Katrina Zaslavsky on Channel 31 TV


Be careful what you wish for! When I put it 'out there' to get the message of empowering women for birth on TV, I didn't expect it to happen so soon! In the name of celebrating motherhood, Henry Greener from channel 31~The Shtick, kindly invited me back on the show to talk all things birth, … [Read more...]

The truth about having a baby

audio preg cartoon

Having a baby is something that many, but not all, men and women aspire to at some point in their lives. Often as we approach that time in our life when we are beginning to consider starting a family, we may begin to view ourselves; our relationships, our purpose and our place in the world, a little … [Read more...]

Coles Baby & Toddler Magazine Feature


[Read more...]

A Soulful Pregnancy: Tips to Bloom in the Slow Lane

joyful pregnancy

Dream of being a blissfully barefoot, tree hugging goddess but life gets in the way? How do you take the stress out of those precious nine months, get all calm and zen and truly experience a soulful and joyful pregnancy? It all begins with a conscious effort to take time each day to bloom in the … [Read more...]

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