Mother’s Day Interview – Katrina Zaslavsky on Channel 31 TV


Be careful what you wish for! When I put it 'out there' to get the message of empowering women for birth on TV, I didn't expect it to happen so soon! In the name of celebrating motherhood, Henry Greener from channel 31~The Shtick, kindly invited me back on the show to talk all things birth, … [Read more...]

Birth Trauma is Real

anxious mother

The silent pain of a story not told. Birth trauma experienced by women. When women experience something during pregnancy or birth or both, that is ‘medical’ how are they able to acknowledge that actually what occurred was unpleasant, maybe painful and possibly traumatic? Being a woman and … [Read more...]

A Natural Easy Birth – Can Hypnosis Help?


Would you like to experience a more natural birth with less need for medication, medical intervention and that is better for you, your baby and your partner? This article covers the increasingly popular option of hypno-birthing, how it works and the benefits for everyone involved in the … [Read more...]

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