Birthing the biggest baby she has attended – Home birth of Alexander George

Forty weeks came and went with baby number 6 but I didn't think much of it. I was cranky, sore and huge but only one of my previous babes had come on 40 weeks, the rest were closer to 41 so I knew I still had. At least a week of being cranky. I went and had some relaxation acupuncture which … [Read more...]

Home birth after Caesarian (HBAC) “I felt like a lioness roaring for her cub”

The prelude: My first pregnancy in 2009, I had planned a natural water birth in the hospital and we had completed a Calm Birth course. Unfortunately, my natural birth plans were not to be, and after a 30hr labour I agreed to an epidural and artificial induction. His birth was via emergency caesarean … [Read more...]

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