{Video} How birth took one woman from terrified to powerful – Interview with the Birth Whisperer


Anna Wilde, founder of the Birth Whisperer wrote the following about the interview: "Sometimes one woman’s  journey into motherhood can inspire many others. Katrina Zaslavsky is one woman empowering thousands of women for childbirth. Katrina overcame her extreme fears of childbirth and discovered … [Read more...]

The truth about having a baby

audio preg cartoon

Having a baby is something that many, but not all, men and women aspire to at some point in their lives. Often as we approach that time in our life when we are beginning to consider starting a family, we may begin to view ourselves; our relationships, our purpose and our place in the world, a little … [Read more...]

Raising A New Generation of Strong Women

mother with teen daughter

Imagine if you were taught from an early age that “birth is a medical event, preceded by an illness called pregnancy and ends with an emergency called labour.” {Carla Hartley} How would that impact on your anticipation of birth (massive fear, looking for what can go wrong) and the actual … [Read more...]

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