Reclaim Your Natural Hospital Birth

RNHBBannerSetting foot in a hospital doesn’t have to mean you instantly turn into an obedient patient with no voice, rights or dignity or that you have to give away your power… (although that scenario is way too common!)

Yes, natural birth in a hospital is very possible and do-able IF you are prepared! I have done it and many women before you have done it and so can YOU!

Here is the thing…..The large majority of expecting women in Melbourne are choosing to have their babies in hospital, yet have no idea what they need to know to navigate the current maternity care system and how to prepare themselves in mind body & spirit to make it a positive and empowering experience – on their terms.

I am a firm believer that when it comes to bringing our babies into the world today, ignorance is NOT bliss and knowledge is birth power… Soooooo I have created this awesome workshop at Birth Goddess to fill in the gaps, give expecting goddesses the space to be nurtured, inspired and bring them together to build their village and be supported for the journey into motherhood 🌺💝

Gather with other awesome women on Saturday the 23rd of September at MAMA Caulfield VIC and get prepared for the ride of your life!!! Be empowered and feel calm, prepared and confident to reclaim your natural hospital birth – on your terms!

Give a voice to any fears, challenges or concerns in a gorgeously safe & nurturing group environment where you can feel free to share openly, get your questions answered and be heard.

We will be using Birth Goddess Cards with inspirational messages to promote positive discussion and bonding amongst the group. This will be an interactive session.

BG cards circle

Meet and make deep connections with other mamas-to-be and build your village of support for motherhood.

We will keep you (and baby) nourished with a delicious lunch provided.

In this inspiring 3 hour workshop you will discover….
***Why Fear is Not Your Friend
***Your Body is Not A Lemon
***Reclaiming Our Power in Birth
***Pain is Good or Nothing at All
***The Ultimate Marathon
***Creating Your Support Team
***Do You Really Need A Birth Plan?
***Practical Tips & Tricks: Making it Work in A Hospital Environment

Why it is so important to share our stories and the true possibililties for birthing women.

Throughout these topics we will be talking about the theme of what it means to be an empowered birthing woman vs a patient. Very important for a natural hospital birth – on your terms!!

Every guest will receive as my gift: (included in booking)

***Full Bundle of Empowering Birth Magazines (15 stunning online issues to devour) valued at $89!!! (full access upon 24 hours of booking)


***Full access to Birth Goddess in the Making ~ weekly inspired blog series with positive birth tips, insights and more, delivered with love.

***Birth Goddess tote bag with beautiful organic/ eco/ handmade gifts for mummy (& baby) to take home and enjoy.

What other mums are saying about Reclaim Workshops:

“Really eye opening, inspirational, nurturing”

“Thanks Katrina! It was really nice to be in such a peaceful space and listen to your advice on a natural and empowering birth . I’m excited for the rest of the pregnancy and birthing journey I’m on.” ~Bec


“Thank you Katrina – I will claim my power and authority for my birth and baby. Very insightful and supportive.”

“Open environment. Safe discussions. Empathy – LOVE. Very empowering and healing.” ~ Briallen

birth retreat

“Thank you so much!! I feel more empowered and supported.”

“Very supportive environment – even just two hours with Katrina and the group has changed my mindset and attitude towards my birth experience. Very thankful! “~Bianca

“So wonderful to participate in a session full of love light and positivity! Such a nice change from the doom and gloom horror stories you usually get from people when speaking about pregnancy and childbirth. You are doing a wonderful and much needed thing Katrina – thank you so much for your work! ~Nikki

Birth Goddess Book Launch - Melbourne 09

“It was so inspirational and I learned so much! I just wouldn’t have known this information otherwise and Katrina is connected to such a wealth of knowledge and resources in this area that you feel really nurtured.Thanks to this workshop and to Katrina for making this available to women.” xx ~ Nadhira


“I have found Katrina Zaslavsky’s past workshops to be extremely insightful, and not just for first time mums. They gave me to confidence to strive for my 3rd birth to be the way i envisioned and when I came across any problems, the online facebook community was extremely supportive too -just like having a gathering of like minded birth goddesses in your living room!

“Thank you for showing women they have choices with their birthing journey. This is much needed for all expecting mums! ~Melly

I would not hesitate to recommend these gatherings, and Katrina’s book to any woman in bloom, or even those considering starting their family. I also have found that the knowledge I have gained not only helped during labour and birth, but stayed with me during the postpartum period and helped me to trust my instincts.Thank you for all of your wisdom.” �~ Alicia

alicia dixon maternity

Don’t miss this awesome event 🙂 Seats are strictly limited to allow for a more intimate group experience so be sure to book your spot.

This is the last live workshop I will be running in Melbourne for this year. Details of 2018 schedule to be released shortly so watch this space! X

***Mention this post to receive special early bird rate on your ticket + 60 minute private coaching session at Birth Goddess valued at $97 to resolve your fears, anxiety and doubt & gain calm clarity and confidence! (via phone or skype)

NB Private Coaching + Magazine gifts are worth $97 + $89 alone = $186 worth of extras.Plus gift tote bag goodies will mean over $200 value altogether!!!

That is super amazing value and well above the price of your entry ticket 🙂

More info and booking details 

Receive daily previews on facebook and register your interest

***Who do you know in Melbourne who is currently pregnant and needs to know about this workshop? Please pass it on/ share the love xx


Yours in reclaiming your power!


More info or any questions, please get in touch:

Birth Goddess Book Launch - Sydney 36

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