Keen on reaching a very targeted group of conscious women who are either pregnant or just had a baby?

Then consider advertising with Empowering Birth Magazine or Birth Goddess right here!

We have a very niche targeted market so you know you are talking to exactly the right audience and not just a general women’s mag where they boast quantity but not always quality. Also in the big mags there are so many ads you can very easily get lost amongst the crowd (and pay a fortune for the privilege)- we pride ourselves on being content rich which not only means more value for our readers but your ad will be more visible without facing the sky high entry cost that is prohibitive to most start up or small businesses in most cases.

You will be glad to know we offer affordable options for complementary businesses doing great things in the field to help get their message out there!

Every issue of the magazine goes by theme and not just dates which makes each one valuable in its own right and collectable beyond the timeframe that it is current.  In other words, your ad will get noticed when people get the current issue and then later again when customers order back issues based on theme or love the mag and want to collect every issue.

It also means that your business can align itself to an even more targeted niche based on the theme eg We just ran the Mind Body Soul Issue which was a perfect fit for businesses in that arena, followed by RISE AND SHINE which is all about rising above adversity. Thus this one would lend itself to those dealing with birth trauma, loss, postnatal depression and so on. Meanwhile our new release Gentle Beginnings issue focuses more on a gentle start for mother and baby after birth. ie mother-baby bonding, breastfeeding etc.

Our readers tend to be conscious, open minded and seeking helpful alternatives and tools to have a more positive experience into motherhood.

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Listed on What’s Hot in Health Mind Body on iTunes!!!! (check out our neighbours 😉


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