“Inspirational, beautiful insights, really eye opening, gave me confidence…”

These are just a few of the words used to describe Katrina Zaslavsky (Birth Goddess) in action, whether it’s as a keynote speaker at an expo, on a summit, TV or radio interview, as a guest speaker on a podcast or speaking to a group in a workshop.

Katrina speaks from the heart and offers powerful insights and practical tips based on her new book A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth to help you to overcome your fears, reclaim your power, transform your birth experience and have the very best start to mother- babyhood.

SO TOUCHED by this latest feedback on my contribution to “The Empowered Mother’s Guide to Creating a Happy, Healthy, Holistic Birthing Experience” Worldwide Summit!! (worldwide experts including Dr. Sandra Bevacqua & Debra Pascali-Boraro)

Hi Katrina, I received the email this morning for the recording. Thank you so much. It was delightful listening to you. I ordered your book all the way from UK and now I listened to you online and what a privilege it is. I loved what I was hearing. You are such an inspiration and I wish I could do something like you. I am thankful for the webinar recording. Thank you again for such an inspirational talk.”~ Warm Regards, Irsha

Katrina Zaslavsky (also known as the Birth Goddess)  is available for speaking engagements at:

  • Conferences
  • Expos
  • Businesses or Organisations for Women, Pregnancy, Birth, Motherhood
  • Business women’s groups
  • Charity organisations
  • World Summits
  • Podcasts
  • TV/ Radio Interviews

A few recent speaking engagements:

  • TV interview Channel 31 for International Women’s Day
  • TV interview Channel 31 for Mother’s Day
  • Invited to Present as keynote at Trust Birth Conference Sydney 2013
  • Keynote Presenter for Bring it On Pregnancy Expo Melbourne 2013
  • Keynote Presenter for GO (Girls Only) Festival Melbourne on “Taking the Fear Factor Out of Birth”
  • Presenter at Pregnancy Pamper Retreat Melbourne April 2015 – “Conquer Your Fears”
  • Presenter on Worldwide Summit: “The Empowered Mother’s Guide to a Happy, Healthy, Holistic Birthing Experience” 2015 alongside internationally acclaimed Debra Pascali-Bonaro and many others….
  • Presenter for Bump to Baby and Beyond Melbourne May 2015 on “Empowering Women for Birth and Reducing Fear”
  • Presenter on Worldwide Summit: Be the Best Parent You Can Be
  • Interviewed as Founding Member of Birth.World by Margaux Khoury
  • Live radio interview for “What’s the Buzz”
  • Live radio + podcast interview for “The Gender Agenda” by Dalit Kaplan
  • Presenter at Eastern Pregnancy & Baby Expo 2016 on “Inside tips for a fear free birth”


bethebestparentyoucanbe summit fb

Lovely feedback from interview on “Be the Best Parent You Can Be” Summit:

A very inspiring interview! It’s so easy to forget how powerful we are and how we birth plays a vital role in the outcome of becoming a parent. Thank you for the beautiful insight.” ~ Kyla Rainey (Alberta USA)

Dear Katrina, I’ve just listened to your interview with Jeanne-Marie {Be the Best Parent You Can Be} and it was wonderful to hear you about the experience of giving birth. I’m portuguese but I became a mother for the 1st time in Brazil, which must be the worst country to give birth to a child. I’m a mother of 3 boys and they were all born in a cesarian procedure. 🙁 Listening to you, I wished so much I had known you before… when I was pregnant from my first boy, it seemed I was struggling against all brazilian population when I wanted to have a “normal” vaginal labour… almost everyone looked at me very amazed… since my baby decided to sit down at the last minute… my doctor “gently” convinced me that it was safer to do a cesarian. My second baby, I went for a 2nd try for a normal labour and at 8cm the doctor told me the baby wasn’t going to pass through my pelvic bone and there I was again doing a cesarian…Maybe I wasn’t strong enough and didn’t feel that empowerment you speak of… and I’m so sorry about that. Do you think that might be a reason for feeling now so imperfect as a mother, at times even feeling anger towards my children… maybe I haven’t yet felt that motherhood feeling of giving real birth to them… sometimes I feel I wish I could be reborn myself to become a real mother to my children. Does this make any sense at all? Thank you for your work… and please take a year to come to Brazil and make this people aware and awake them to another reality. Kind regards, Gisela

Hello Katrina, I recently watched your interview with Jeanne-Marie Paynel {Be the Best Parent You Can Be Summit} and I just wanted to write to thank you for informing women that birth is completely natural and need not be traumatic!

I had no plans for a home or natural birth with any of my three children but with my second child I went into spontaneous labour and I was stranded at home alone with no car. I made it to the hospital about 2 minutes before the birth, but the experience of relying on myself and listening to what my body wanted to do is still one of the best experiences of my life. I was on the most incredible high afterwards and I actually craved another labour because of how powerful I realised my body was. I couldn’t believe I did it with no medications whatsoever because I had a real fear of pain before this experience.

My 3rd child was a similar experience, I had no help whatsoever until about a minute before delivery. I was in the hospital, despite being told to go home, but I didn’t allow any one in the room until it was time to deliver. Needless to say, the staff were shocked that I did it on my own in such a short space of time.

It is so true that the labour experience helps define how a woman feels about herself. The power and confidence I felt on those days remain with me forever. Trusting your self and what your body is telling you is a lost art but is empowering on such a deep level. I have always wished other women could see it this way but the negative stories people tell are more memorable I guess!

I have often felt like an odd one out as most other people have dramatic experiences where things go wrong. Mind you this is always after taking bad advice from an authority figure. After listening to you speak, I felt like I finally connected to people who appreciate how natural, beautiful and powerful birth really is.  A labour story should not have to be a horror story!

Thank you for your time, and best regards,


The thing I liked most {Be the Best Parent You Can Be Summit} is that you mentioned that it’s the woman that HIRES midwives/doctors/hospitals. Here in Austria social system is paying birth in hospitals, so the parents don’t have to pay directly. Still they have to pay social insurance contributions. On the one hand it’s great that people don’t have to pay for birth so everybody can “afford” birthing. But on the other hand, we kind of forget that it’s us who can and who should decide what has to be done and more important what not has to be done. I also think that if people would have to pay a cesarean from their own pocket, they would not decide so easily to have a cesarean made.I don’t have children yet but I’ve seen births/c-sections in hospitals because I made an internship there. For a woman that gives birth it is one of the most important things in her life. For the faculty in the hospital it’s a job. They do the same every day. It’s nothing special for them – it’s routine. Change of shift is more important for them than what’s best for woman’s wellness. Of course I talk in general. For sure there are doctors and midwives in hospitals that care more but in general a lot of decisions are made by staff, not by women. Sure, if there are medical issues, decisions need to be made by physicians. But when it comes to well being of the woman in labor, the woman herself should be able to say what’s good for her and what’s not. You pointed out that we are ones that are hiring the people, the place etc. So we should be heard and our wishes and decisions should be honored. It’s so important that women are reminded and aware of their right to decide.

~ Angelika Leibnitz (Austria)


Hello! I just saw your interview on Be The Best Parent, and I was really interested in what you are doing. I’m a writer, sexual wellness coach, and general holistic practitioner.. I am also a mother and gave birth six months ago at home to a healthy baby girl, and have a lot to say about natural childbirth!
Thanks for everything you are doing to make birth better for women and babies! ~ Lauren Brim

Hi Katrina, I thought your interview was excellent!  Something that really resonated with me when choosing a VBAC freebirth was the knowledge of what my hormones were capable of.  I really held on to (and experienced) tremendous pain relief, greater than morphine or pethidine, and similar to what I imagine heroin would be like, but with no nasty side effects.  Wave after wave of ecstatic bliss between contractions.  I tell everyone who will listen lol.
I would like to be on your mailing list please. I have had copies of your magazine before through Maternity Choices.  They are a great read.
The maternity choices in Central Queensland are extremely limited – freebirth, public hospital or private hospital.  There are birthing centres a few hundred kilometres away but only if you are low risk.  So, I am very much looking forward to moving to Victoria next year so that I can have another baby in a more supported environment with greater choices.
Great making your acquaintance.  keep up the good work.
Angie (Angeliza Wanstall)
Hi Katrina, I enjoyed how you phrased “handling the sensations” and what you had to say about being perfectly designed for birth and telling birthing mothers to “get off the fence.” 🙂  I studied to be a midwife for a year, and before that trained as a doula with Deborah Pascali-Bonaro in NYC and work with many pregnant clients, new mothers, and women desiring to be mothers in my practice of 12 years. ~Lauren Brim

I just wanted to email and thank you for the fantastic workshop that you organised on Sunday. I understand how much time and effort it takes to organise an event like that and really just wanted to thank you. I mentioned to you both that I did the hospital antenatal class on Saturday and while there was of course valuable information being presented, it was very medical focused with all information being presented from the hospital’s view of what is best for baby. I think the antenatal class was very focused on the arrival of a healthy baby (which we all are!) but it seems like it can sometimes come at the expense of the mother, like we are somehow incidental to the whole process.

Your session complimented the hospital beautifully. I thought there was a great focus on the health and wellbeing of the mother during pregnancy and empowering women for birth. I have this far had a very positive pregnancy experience but have been feeling a little bit anxious about the birth, however I left feeling very positive about what I am soon to experience. I thought the selection of topics was fantastic. I have been pouring over the brochures for the last couple of nights and researching subjects that I hadn’t even considered. I am really looking forward to your next sessions

Reclaim Your Birth Power Workshop:

“Really eye opening, inspirational, nurturing”

“Hello ladies, I went to the last Reclaim Your Birth Power Workshop and it was really eye opening. I was being rejected by so many hospitals and in the end happened to stumble upon this workshop and it was so inspirational and I learned so much! I just wouldn’t have known this information otherwise and Katrina is connected to such a wealth of knowledge and resources in this area that you feel really nurtured. I loved learning and listening to Rachana too .. so now I’m 25 weeks and going for a home birth.. Found an independent midwife and doula who are my amazing team!

Thanks to this workshop and to Katrina for making this available to women.” xx ~ Nadhira Razack

“Fabulous Workshop! You must go and learn from the experience and wisdom of Katrina and Rachana. Then you will be so much more knowledgeable, inspired and empowered!” ~ Colleen Monk

I have found Katrina Zaslavsky’s past workshops to be extremely insightful, and not just for first time mums. They gave me to confidence to strive for my 3rd birth to be the way i envisioned and when i came across any problems, the online facebook community was extremely supportive too -just like having a gathering of like minded birth goddesses in your living room! i would not hesitate to recommend these gatherings, and Katrina’s book to any woman in bloom, or even those considering starting their family. I also have found that the knowledge i have gained not only helped during labour and birth, but stayed with me during the postpartum period and helped me to trust my instincts.

Thank you for all of your wisdom.” ♥~ Alicia Dixon


kat at GO festival

A recent speaking engagement was at GO Festival (Girls Only) at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, Victoria and most exciting to be invited to be keynote presenter on “Taking the Fear Factor Out of Birth” for the Trust Birth Conference in Sydney, Australia in September 2013.

Feedback from live radio interview with Dr Linda Wilson on 97.7FM for the Health and Wellness Show: “Listening right now. Well done lovely so great! I think it was really important to talk about how fear can make things hurt more – it makes people not just stick their head in the ground. And about “birth is letting go.” I think getting any awareness out there is amazing.” ~ Doula Kate Bentick (Melbourne, Australia)

When birth is no longer feared, numbed or endured it has the opportunity to become one of the most powerful, positive and transformative things a woman will ever experience in her lifetime.”~ Katrina Zaslavsky

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