I love your book and found it very helpful and empowering

emma biggar

Hi Katrina, I love your book { A Modern Woman's Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth} and found it very helpful and empowering in the lead up to the birth of my daughter. I found the book helpful because I had such a negative birth experience the first time around and I felt like all I heard was … [Read more...]

Birth Goddess Interview with Actress Zoe Gameau on her Amazing Natural Breech Birth!


It was such an honour to interview well known Australian actress Zoe Gameau (also known as Zoe Tuckwell-Smith) on her natural breech birth in honour of International Breech Week! Breech week is an opportunity to turn something that often causes fear, panic and overwhelm into a cause for greater … [Read more...]

Why Nature is in No Hurry: Giving Birth in your Own Good Timing

Dear Goddess, So here I am, still buzzing with nervous energy after a TV interview, even though it was on my favourite subject and I have talked about empowering women for birth and celebrating motherhood so many times before in different settings. Yet somehow this felt different. Before the … [Read more...]

Protected: Birth Goddess Audio Cards – Pregnancy


This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

“Forever grateful – extremely encouraging, positive & reassuring”


"I too am a first time mum-to-be & found your book extremely encouraging, positive & reassuring. When in early stages of my pregnancy I would worry or feel anxious about what was to come & choices ahead of me, just reading some of the shared stories would make me feel happy & elated that I was on my … [Read more...]

JUNO Magazine UK Review: “no dogma, just gentle encouragement”

juno mag summer 2012_cover

Transcribed from JUNO Magazine UK in “Books For Adults”: A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth by Katrina Zaslavsky, Inspired Wellness. The aim of this book is to help women “reclaim your natural birth power and overcome your fears in a modern world”. This is done through 21 … [Read more...]

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