Holistic Pregnancy Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine


A holistic approach to pregnancy allows a woman to embrace the life-changing journey she is on from a multidimensional perspective: exploring the uncharted terrain physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Learn more in our Birth Column, Wholeness in Pregnancy by Diane Speier. If you are … [Read more...]

Ripe and Ready Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine


RIPE AND READY ISSUE Out Now!!!! Empowering Birth Magazine is an exciting international online publication for the conscious thinking modern woman who would like to have a positive experience through pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond, giving the best possible start to motherhood. Don’t … [Read more...]

Conscious Choices Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine


Packed with inspirational and actionable content from world class professionals. ================================= Conscious Choices Issue In this issue: >> Hot Article - Wise Woman Guide - Your Body, Your Baby, Your Choice by Dr Sarah Buckley, MD. The in-depth evidence based guide … [Read more...]

Nurture Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine


Our Nurture Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine features the amazing Dr Sarah Buckley MD on the Real Truth about "Ultrasound: Cause for Concern?" This eye-opening, evidence based article is a must-read for any conscious expecting mother to make informed decisions about her pregnancy care! Need … [Read more...]

Postnatal Bliss Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine


Postnatal Bliss Issue In this issue: > Discover Nourishing Postnatal Traditions from Around the World; More than an elite luxury or outdated rituals from another era, anthropologists found that cultures with low incidence of postpartum mood disorders share a range of protective social … [Read more...]

Gentle Beginnings Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine


Welcome to our Gentle Beginnings issue of Empowering Birth - your first sneak preview with love!!! Discover the sensual wonders of traditional rebozo techniques with the fabulous Debra Pascali Bonaro (Orgasmic Birth) for more comfort, ease & pleasure to rock your birth. (yes you heard … [Read more...]

Rise & Shine Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine – Rising Above Adversity


RISE AND SHINE with this brave new issue, featuring Barbara Harper, Waterbirth International, as she shines a light on the sometimes harsh reality of birth loss and finding faith and wisdom in the face of adversity. We show you how to shift old patterns, move beyond your birth blueprint and heal … [Read more...]

Mind Body Soul Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine


MIND BODY SOUL Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine– Get ready to transform your MIND BODY and SOUL in this exciting issue featuring the wonderful powerhouse of wisdom, Dr Sarah Buckley MD on Healing Birth, Healing the Earth. So what do these things have to do with each other? Dr Sarah Buckley … [Read more...]

LOVE issue of Empowering Birth Magazine


Our gorgeous LOVE issue of Empowering Birth features the one and only Pinky McKay in “Accidentally in Love;” Learn how we fall in love chemically with our babies and how this chemistry of attachment starts during pregnancy, is enhanced by natural birth and breastfeeding and is why mums are naturally … [Read more...]

Celebration Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine


In our exciting CELEBRATION issue of Empowering Birth Magazine, we are thrilled to feature the internationally acclaimed Debra Pascali-Bonaro on The Love Hormone, Dr Marcy Axness on The Joy Factor in Pregnancy, we explore the ancient art of belly dance + much more!  Here is a preview of what you … [Read more...]

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