This book was my bible!

jenny storrier - down to earth birth

"I came across Katrina's book A Modern Woman's Guide to a Natural and Empowering Birth while pregnant with my first daughter. I knew I wanted a natural birth and was worried about how I would navigate that in a medicalised hospital setting. Katrina's book was my bible! It not only inspired but … [Read more...]

Positive, uplifting and inspiring, a must-read for first time mamas!

book display by engaged birth

"Are you tired of hearing the same old horror stories from well-meaning friends and family who want to warn you about birth? Well prepare your mind for something new... Positive, uplifting and inspiring, this compilation of beautiful birth stories really is a must-read for first time mamas who … [Read more...]

It gave me so much hope and empowerment for my own birth

denise brigitte georges

Hi! Nice to connect with you too! Yes I went through the Lamaze training in Sydney last year. I actually attended one of Tanya's classes (Birthwell Birthright) in Melbourne when I was pregnant. It was a massive game changer for me in helping me get the confidence I needed for my birth. She also … [Read more...]

Your book helped me so much that I can’t thank you enough!

amy jenkinson

"Your book helped me so much through my pregnancy that I can't thank you enough! I told myself everyday I could do it and I did and am so proud of myself and the beautiful gift that came as my reward, my gorgeous son. It's services like yours that are helping women be empowered with birthing and … [Read more...]

It’s definitely a “must read” book for every expecting family

milia simielli

"After reading a lot of books throughout my pregnancy, I finally found this one, it's definitely a "must read" book for every expecting family, it gave me all the positive and reassuring that I needed to guide me on my dream birth, with all those beautiful and powerful birth stories, many thanks to … [Read more...]

This century’s successor to Spiritual Midwifery and Our Bodies, Ourselves!

iris and baby

As a child of the 60s and 70s growing up in NZ, I had not realised how much my culture, my reading and my sisters' expectations, experiences and stories had influenced my own birthing experiences. What an eye-opener Birth Goddess has been! I was shocked at how disempowered many women now feel … [Read more...]

Meet Laura – “A Modern Woman’s Guide to A Natural Empowering Birth” Book Testimonial


Meet Laura who read this book during her first pregnancy { A Modern Woman's Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth} and felt really empowered by it, even though she unfortunately lost the baby. She is looking forward to reading it again during her next pregnancy to reaffirm that inner knowing that … [Read more...]

I love your book and found it very helpful and empowering

emma biggar

Hi Katrina, I love your book { A Modern Woman's Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth} and found it very helpful and empowering in the lead up to the birth of my daughter. I found the book helpful because I had such a negative birth experience the first time around and I felt like all I heard was … [Read more...]

FABULOUS! This is the book I was so desperately seeking a decade ago when preparing for my first birth.

I was pregnant with my fourth when I got my hands on this, frankly, FABULOUS book! The information contained within was not new to me, but it reaffirmed everything I'd accepted!  When it comes to Informed Decisions, even when you feel you know it all, or have it all sorted, it is important to … [Read more...]

Thank you for reminding me that we are born to do this & giving me the confidence to trust my body.

elodie with babe

I would like to thank you Katrina. Reading your book was the beginning of an empowering transformation preparing me for the birth of my first baby. It was so refreshing to read positive birth stories instead of being bombarded with everyone's horror birth stories. After reading your book, my … [Read more...]

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