Really happy with the card she received – Childbirth education workshop

BG cards - redlands health ctre

Hi Katrina, I used your affirmation cards in my recent Childbirth education workshop. One lady was really happy about the card she received. The next week she told me again how much it meant. I asked her what it said and she replied 'I am doing the best for my baby!' ~Glenys Janssen-Frank, … [Read more...]

{Video Testimonial} Doula Dee talks about Birth Goddess Cards


Meet the lovely Dionne Finnegan Doula Dee, founder of Butterfly Beginning's Doula Birth and Baby Family Support Melbourne who has some great things to say about the Birth Goddess Cards!!! ......"they are something I give to my clients as part of my birth packages - both the book and the cards - my … [Read more...]

I am in love with them (Cards) ~ Simply beautiful!

bethany meakin

Dear Katrina, I really love the cards, use them all the time :) I have been using your Birth Goddess Cards with my clients for a while now and I have to say I am in love with them. I usually spend quite some time chatting with women in their homes and when the time feels right we simply draw a … [Read more...]

I love the audio!

heather- rae may

Thanks so much. I love the audio! {Birth Goddess Audio Cards} I’ve listened to it over and over. I’ve even fallen asleep to it a couple of times. My fiancé fell asleep to it last night too! ~ Heather- Rae May … [Read more...]

I really loved the audio – made me feel very powerful and magical!!

“I really loved the audio! (Birth Goddess Audio Cards) Such an inspiration. Although it is more than 6 months that I’ve been pregnant somehow in my head I still didn’t put all the “pieces” together and when I’ve listened to the audio and it felt like “wow”, is this really happening to me :)) made me … [Read more...]

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