Practical Parenting Magazine Story Feature!

practical parenting mag cover 2016

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TV interview with Katrina Zaslavsky in honour of International Women’s Day


TV interview with author Katrina Zaslavsky (Birth Goddess) on Channel 31 in honour of international Women's Day and to celebrate the release of her inspirational book, A Modern Woman's Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth. Profoundly inspired by her journey into motherhood, shares how she was … [Read more...]

The Gender Agenda: Live Radio Interview by Dalit Kaplan with Katrina Zaslavsky and Tanya Strusberg

Kat with Tanya in front of Mama

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Holistic Bliss Magazine: From Scared to Birthing with Ease and Grace

birthing with ease and grace - holistic bliss article

Katrina Zaslsvsky Birth Goddess … [Read more...]

Women’s Health Magazine Australia July 2015

womens health australia magazine cover

Look what just landed on my desk thanks to my book spotting fairy Meghann McPherson Birks! I had completely forgotten about this so it really came as a nice surprise.....And while I can't take credit for "Your Sexiest Bum Ever" (complete with arrow in case you couldn't find it LOL) I did get a COVER … [Read more...]

Essential Baby Story: When Your Child Doesn’t Want you to Have a Baby

essential baby

Glad to share my story with Essential Baby on the challenges associated with the first child becoming a sibling for the first time (in this case big sister) and feeling displaced..... What they didn't mention is that in my case my daughter was *super excited* about the idea but sometimes the … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Interview – Katrina Zaslavsky on Channel 31 TV


Be careful what you wish for! When I put it 'out there' to get the message of empowering women for birth on TV, I didn't expect it to happen so soon! In the name of celebrating motherhood, Henry Greener from channel 31~The Shtick, kindly invited me back on the show to talk all things birth, … [Read more...]

Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine


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“Stands out as one that all women should read as part of their birth preparation” ~ Maternity Coalition


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Coles Baby & Toddler Magazine Feature


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