How motherhood taught me to love my body


Who knew that it took being stretched to my limits – in every sense of the word- to totally appreciate this body of mine. That’s the power of motherhood. Yet, if we turn the clock right back, it’s hard to believe that instead of celebrating my youth I spent much of it hiding in my own … [Read more...]

A Powerful New Mantra That Changed Our Life!

Dear Goddess, I must share with you something that happened recently in our household that was so normal yet so extraordinary I want the world to know, starting with YOU! It was THAT profound and earth-shaking...and it's all about the power of our beliefs in creating our reality. So one … [Read more...]

What really matters – in life and labour


Dear Goddess, Recently I took my kids to a new fresh food market and they happen to like food so it was shaping up to be a fun day out. So of course when we passed a table where a lady was giving out samples of crackers and French cheese, they were all over it. I started the proceedings and then … [Read more...]

Is Pain-Free Birth Really Possible?


Dear Goddess, Is Pain-Free Birth Really Possible? This is the BIG question that I get asked from mothers all the time and "hot topic" when I was interviewed on Channel 31 TV in honour of International Women's Day. (watch the 2nd video on this link where I talk about the possibility of a … [Read more...]

You are beautiful Just As You Are…..the Love Letter You Really Need to Hear!

WOW...I am literally blown away by a love letter that has just crossed my a real man who has a newfound love, respect and appreciation for his woman after witnessing her journey of pregnancy and childbirth.... and I am going to share it with you. Because you and I need to hear it … [Read more...]

Awakening to a Spiritual Birth

We live in an era where normal physiological birth is rarely seen, let alone a spiritual birth. Yet the blossoming of pregnancy and childbirth is the perfect initiation to spirituality, opening a doorway for awakening conscious awareness of ourselves, our bodies and our babies. Birth forces us … [Read more...]

Holistic Bliss Magazine: From Scared to Birthing with Ease and Grace

birthing with ease and grace - holistic bliss article

Katrina Zaslsvsky Birth Goddess … [Read more...]

STOP the birth horror stories and bring on the calm and joyous ones!

When birth is no longer feared, numbed or endured it has the opportunity to become one of the most powerful, positive and transformative things a woman will ever experience in her lifetime. ~ Katrina Zaslavsky (you can quote me on that!) Have you ever noticed the lack of sisterhood when it … [Read more...]

The Baby Made me Eat it! Lemons, Pickles, Cheese and other wacky cravings…..


There is a cute tee-shirt floating around on the internet called "The Baby Made me Eat it!" It actually inspired this post which is all about exploring those wacky cravings we have as pregnant mamas and the wild journeys they take us on...... Take me for example. I still remember my daily … [Read more...]

Gestational Diabetes test: Do you really need that sickly sweet stuff?


As women, many of us were taught to “be nice,” or “be seen and not heard.” As patients, this can translate into accepting tests, procedures, and treatments that we feel we don’t want or need, or that, in this case, might not be safe for us or our babies! ~ 2LifeDoula So well said!! (insert round … [Read more...]

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