VBAC: I delivered with no dramas and absolutely no drugs.

My baby turned 10 in 2015, she was born by a c-section in 2005.. Due to complications I had no choice but to go that path.. I had previously had 3 normal deliveries and enjoyed all my experiences.. Of course your first labour and delivery is always going to be something you can draw on for your next … [Read more...]

I was fully present and it was so worth it. I realized that I was enough…

Before the Birth  Baby was due on Sunday October 25th. On the Friday morning before we packed up and made the scenic trip through the Rocky Mountains on the Pine Pass. It was a beautiful day unseasonably warm, and sunny. The leaves had already fallen and the mountains where left grey and green … [Read more...]

VBAC birth I wanted: Completely changed my view of birth and made all of this possible

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A happy note sent by one of my awesome book stockists from Instinctual Birthing: "I had my baby girl on the 1st of April (my EDD was 30/03). I had attended chiro sessions for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy and had 3 induction acupuncture sessions. I think these preparations plus practicing … [Read more...]

Home birth after Caesarian (HBAC) “I felt like a lioness roaring for her cub”

The prelude: My first pregnancy in 2009, I had planned a natural water birth in the hospital and we had completed a Calm Birth course. Unfortunately, my natural birth plans were not to be, and after a 30hr labour I agreed to an epidural and artificial induction. His birth was via emergency caesarean … [Read more...]

VBAC story: I always had felt something was missing from the birth of my first child


I always had felt that something was missing from the birth of my first child. After a failed induction at 36.6 weeks, which I did not knew at the time was been performed, my son was born. I could not hold him until 16 hours later. After 12 years, I was pregnant again and thinking that it should … [Read more...]

Journey to VBA2C after 2 Unnecesareans

My journey to VBA2C: I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd baby. My husband and I have decided a vaginal, yes vaginal birth is the way to go and after 2 “unnecesarean’s” are finding support hard to come by. Follow this blog and follow our journey to the amazingly and beautifully natural birth of our … [Read more...]

VBAC story: eternally grateful that all the stars aligned for me….

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My VBAC Story – 26/09/2013 It all started on Thursday 26/9/13, at around 10:30am with what I’d describe as period pain like cramps which eventually became more regular.  I spent most of the morning on my fit ball, listening to music, burning clary sage, spending time with my son and hubby as what … [Read more...]

VBAC Inspiration: Real Stories from Real Women + tips, encouragement, quick facts


Hoping for a VBAC? Had an unneccesarian? Wondering if it is safe or even possible to have a natural birth? YES, a Vaginal Birth After Caesarian (VBAC ) IS possible, with the the right knowledge (as we say, Knowledge is Birth Power!)  mindset, preparation and of course a very supportive team who … [Read more...]

Vaginal Birth After Caesarian? Don’t freak, know the facts.

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Quick VBAC Facts The mission of VBAC Facts is simple: to make hard-to-find, interesting, and pertinent information relative to post-cesarean birth options easily accessible to the people who seek it. After a cesarean, most women have two choices for future births: a vaginal birth after … [Read more...]

VBAC Dream Come True After an Unexpected Twist


My VBAC journey came to a shining end 2 weeks ago, when I gave birth to my beautiful little girl. Like my first pregnancy, I sailed on through without any health ailments, except for morning sickness in the first few weeks. However, unlike my first pregnancy I was riddled with residual emotional … [Read more...]

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