3 Great Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy

Is It OK To Exercise During Pregnancy? Yes! Here’s Why You Should Maybe you’re a gym bunny or have exercised regularly for years. Now you’re pregnant. Should you stop exercising altogether? You really don’t have to. Exercise can keep you and your baby healthy, so you don't have to toss your … [Read more...]

Vitamin D in pregnancy & breastfeeding mothers: Is there really nothing healthy about a tan?

Vitamin D deficiency has become a major issue in Australia and could be due to our rigorous slip, slop and slapping. Vitamin D deficiency is of particular concern in pregnant women and breast-fed infants. It is estimated that rates of vitamin D deficiency are 18-84% amongst of pregnant women, … [Read more...]

Is Pregnancy Massage Safe?

The popularity and education of pregnancy massage has increased significantly over the past few years; however there are still a lot of myths and fears surrounding pregnancy massage. In tribal cultures, prenatal and labour support massage was common. Anthropologist George Engelmann documented … [Read more...]

Optimal Foetal Positioning Makes a Labour of Difference!

prenatal yoga

Having run aquatic and fitball pregnancy specific classes for many years, optimal foetal positioning was something I was always aware of and at the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until I read, Understanding and Teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning, by Jean Sutton and Pauline Scott, that I really got … [Read more...]

How to choose the right birth education course + 4 must ask Questions!


How to choose a birth education course to suit your family: The essential questions that will save you time, money and help you have the birth experience you deserve. Over the last 10 years there has been a huge increase in the amount of choice we as couples have for birth preparation. But how do … [Read more...]

A gentle alternative to turn breech babies

ACUPUNCTURE FOR BREECH AND POSTERIOR PRESENTATION Discovering your baby is breech can be a devastating experience.  It can often leaving you feeling there is no choice but to have a Caesarean-section or an external cephalic version, which is where the baby is turned by manipulating the baby through … [Read more...]

Doulas Do It: Doulas Pick Their Favorite Comfort Techniques For Moms-To-Be

For each laboring mama, what brings ease and comfort can be as unique as the expecting family themselves. I can recall one mom-to-be who asked to sniff her dog's favorite chew toy in between contractions because the scent reminded her of her best friend and her home. Comfort technique favorites … [Read more...]

Intuitive Exercise in Pregnancy and 5 Ways to Tune into your Body


Intuitive Exercise ‘Tuning in’ to our bodies is the best way to gain results in any area of our wellbeing. Using our intuition and listening to our bodies can help us learn what our body needs to eat, what decisions we need to make, how we should spend our time, and how we should move our … [Read more...]

Coping with Eating Disorders During Pregnancy

fed up depressed lady

According to government sources, the prevalence of eating disorders during pregnancy stands at around 10 per cent. Pregnancy can pose a great emotional challenge for women battling diseases like anorexia, since it can increase worry about their changing body image and weight gain. Support and care … [Read more...]

8 Superfoods to Grow a Healthy Baby


How to Grow a Healthy Baby? First become a Healthy Mum! I get asked all the time, how do I eat while I’m pregnant? What sort of nutrition should I be using, or what sort of supplements should I be taking? First off, it’s not rocket science, it really isn’t. When a woman is carrying a child, … [Read more...]

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