Spark Up Your Love Life After Birth

Just WHEN is the “right” time to “get back into it?” Most couples wait for the magical six-week mark and are dreadfully disappointed when that incredible pre-birth love-making doesn’t happen or measure up to expectations.With the misunderstandings, miscommunication, fear and guilt surrounding … [Read more...]

Postnatal Yoga – Creating time to connect


There are so many wonderful benefits to postnatal yoga, I hardly know where to begin! So let me give you a brief run down about me… I fell in love with yoga while living in France over 10 years ago, which I can't quite believe! Here my wonderfully inspiring teacher introduced me to Ashtanga Yoga. … [Read more...]

Intuitive Exercise in Pregnancy and 5 Ways to Tune into your Body


Intuitive Exercise ‘Tuning in’ to our bodies is the best way to gain results in any area of our wellbeing. Using our intuition and listening to our bodies can help us learn what our body needs to eat, what decisions we need to make, how we should spend our time, and how we should move our … [Read more...]

Boost Milk Supply Naturally With Nettle

Boost Milk Supply Naturally Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica), also known as common nettle, is a dark, leafy green plant that is high in iron and considered to be very nutritious. It has been used by women for generations to treat anemia after childbirth and to encourage the making of more breast … [Read more...]

Making Womb for Self-Care and Baby Care: The First 3 Months After Birth

By Kathy Morelli, LPC You’re proactive about planning for your pregnancy and birth! You devoured the latest information and research in book and around the web about healthy birth options! You attended birth preparation classes of your choice. You found a birth professional(s) with whom you are … [Read more...]

Babymoon: A Time to Cherish

mother and babe

Often when I am talking to women about birth and parenting I am asked what advice would I give to new parents, I always come back to the importance of a baby moon. I have had three very different births, each presenting me with a new set of challenges to over come and obstacles to face. Yet … [Read more...]

Birth Trauma is Real

anxious mother

The silent pain of a story not told. Birth trauma experienced by women. When women experience something during pregnancy or birth or both, that is ‘medical’ how are they able to acknowledge that actually what occurred was unpleasant, maybe painful and possibly traumatic? Being a woman and … [Read more...]

Healing Rituals for Postnatal Bliss

postnatal bliss

  by Julie Bell There’s no question our bodies go through a lot when we give birth. If ever there’s a time when we could do with some extra tender loving care, it’s right after having a baby. Through the ages, women have passed down ways of nurturing for the new mother, allowing her … [Read more...]

A positive post-natal exercise revolution!

lynsey stone photography - staring into mamas eyes

Your baby’s birth marks both the end of your pregnancy and the start of your body’s recovery journey. Credit has to be given to your body for the work that it has done. But sadly after baby arrives, your needs will often take a back seat to your baby’s. It is disheartening also to see images of the … [Read more...]

Stretch marks: Badges of honour, or banes of existence?


Stretch marks are yet another item on that long list of ways that our bodies are changed (sometimes irrevocably) by pregnancy. For some post natal women, stretch marks are a positive visual reminder of their birth journey…a part of an amazing story of change and these women are happy to leave the … [Read more...]

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