Vitamin D in pregnancy & breastfeeding mothers: Is there really nothing healthy about a tan?

Vitamin D deficiency has become a major issue in Australia and could be due to our rigorous slip, slop and slapping. Vitamin D deficiency is of particular concern in pregnant women and breast-fed infants. It is estimated that rates of vitamin D deficiency are 18-84% amongst of pregnant women, … [Read more...]

Stryder’s Birth Story

I was 38 weeks pregnant and a near 2 day drive down to Austin, Texas from Idaho had left my hands and feet swollen to elephantiasis degree. My belly circumference was smaller than my first pregnancy. I give the blame to a side effect of too much stress. Throughout my entire pregnancy I thought we … [Read more...]

Katrina Zaslavsky, Author of “A Modern Woman’s Guide to A Natural Empowering Birth”, TV Interview


Katrina Zaslavsky, founder of Birth Goddess, guest interview with Henry Greener on Channel 31 TV show "The Shtick" about her book to empower women for birth, "A Modern Woman's Guide to A Natural Empowering Birth" and taking the fear and pain out of birth. As a guest on the show in honour of … [Read more...]

A Beautiful, Blissful, Pain-Free Birth

As I got out of bed on a beautiful Tuesday morning, I felt the sensation of water trickling down my leg. With unparalleled excitement and elation, I called out to my husband in the other room, knowing that my journey was about to begin. Not for a minute that day did I feel doubt or fear of the … [Read more...]

Understanding The female cycle

flower buds

Knowing about our bodies leads to more self confidence in all we do as women Even though knowledge is omnipresent mainly because of the internet, we don’t know a lot about our cycle. What we learn in school is that the cycle has to have 28 days and that ovulation takes place on day 14. When we … [Read more...]

A perfectly healthy boy after surprise home birth


On Wednesday 18th June 2014 we welcomed our second son into the world ... he unexpectedly arrived in our bedroom! As I look back on our son’s Birth Day I never want to forget the overwhelming love and gratitude I felt towards my husband as he not only supported me during labour (as he had done with … [Read more...]

I was fully present and it was so worth it. I realized that I was enough…

Before the Birth  Baby was due on Sunday October 25th. On the Friday morning before we packed up and made the scenic trip through the Rocky Mountains on the Pine Pass. It was a beautiful day unseasonably warm, and sunny. The leaves had already fallen and the mountains where left grey and green … [Read more...]

Conceiving After Overcoming an Eating Disorder

Conceiving After Overcoming an Eating Disorder Overcoming an eating disorder is a huge battle: suffering from an eating disorder is both emotionally and physically draining. However, after overcoming this battle with disordered eating, many women then face another huge challenge when they make a … [Read more...]

Unexpected but happy surprise ~ the birth of Poppy

It was an unexpected but happy surprise for us to find out that we fell pregnant again- with number 5! I was very keen to have another homebirth. My first 3 children were born in a local public hospital and in particular during the birth of my third child I felt that I was not placed in the … [Read more...]

Birth not to plan but still had an AMAZING, EMPOWERING, CALM birthing experience

jessica moulynox

As you may know I was overdue at 41 + 4 weeks. I had my first stretch and sweep at 41+3 and another Saturday morning at 41+4 11am. I did not want to get one as I have been going for a hands off pregnancy and birth plan but they were wanting to induce me on the Tuesday at 42 weeks and I REALLY didn't … [Read more...]

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