Understanding The female cycle

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Knowing about our bodies leads to more self confidence in all we do as women Even though knowledge is omnipresent mainly because of the internet, we don’t know a lot about our cycle. What we learn in school is that the cycle has to have 28 days and that ovulation takes place on day 14. When we … [Read more...]

Conceiving After Overcoming an Eating Disorder

Conceiving After Overcoming an Eating Disorder Overcoming an eating disorder is a huge battle: suffering from an eating disorder is both emotionally and physically draining. However, after overcoming this battle with disordered eating, many women then face another huge challenge when they make a … [Read more...]

5 Things You Need To Know About PCOS


“If you’ve been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), like me, you probably feel like you’ve reached a dead end, alone and an outcast from ‘real life’.   But please know, you’re not on your own” My PCOS Story Hi my name is Melissa Madgwick. I was someone who had it all— active 28 … [Read more...]

The Journey to Conscious Conception

A fertile couple in their twenties, having regular, unprotected sex, have a one in four chance of conceiving each month.   If getting pregnant can be so difficult for a fertile couple, how does a couple with undiscovered fertility issues fare?   One in six couples will experience infertility.  In … [Read more...]

Increase Your Odds of Getting Pregnant


How does a woman increase the odds of getting pregnant? Here are some tips: Know your fertile time - ovulation generally happens about 14 days before your next period begins. For women with cycles of 28 days, that could make day #14 your most fertile for getting pregnant (day #1 being the … [Read more...]

Nutrition through every stage of pregnancy

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  Nutrition Through Every Stage of Pregnancy By Warren Maginn BHSc. (Nutr. Med.), GradCert. (Hum. Nutr.) Functional Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Educator When it comes to pregnancy, nutrition plays a vital role in every stage. As your baby grows, your body changes in response to … [Read more...]

Are you protecting your baby from dangerous baby care products?

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Isn’t it time to protect our babies from dangerous products? We have always been taught we are what we eat, but what about what we put on our skin matters too. “From shortly after birth, mothers tenderly wash and pamper their infants with a wide range of baby products. These include soaps, … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Loss is still a Birthday


Millions of families around the globe are crying for a desperately needed paradigm change in birth.  Hundreds of thousands more families join them each year. What is this desperately needed paradigm change?It is honoring birth in any trimester. Spontaneous abortion, miscarriage, heavy … [Read more...]

Top 3 Fertility Self Care Tips

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by Helen Zee What does fertile fit mean to you? Is it just one magical formula or gym program that you do and viola – new life is conceived? If it was that easy you wouldn’t be searching the net for answers; storing products and services in your favourites only to decipher and decide what will … [Read more...]

Preconception Nutrition: Top 5 easy ways to increase your nutrient intake


When preparing your body for pregnancy it is vital to flood your cells with foods that contain a huge array of nutrients as well as providing enough carbohydrates, proteins and fats. For example, antioxidants will protect an egg as it matures while optimal levels of omega 3’s will hydrate the egg … [Read more...]

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