Optimal Foetal Positioning Makes a Labour of Difference!

prenatal yoga

Having run aquatic and fitball pregnancy specific classes for many years, optimal foetal positioning was something I was always aware of and at the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until I read, Understanding and Teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning, by Jean Sutton and Pauline Scott, that I really got … [Read more...]

Doulas Do It: Doulas Pick Their Favorite Comfort Techniques For Moms-To-Be

For each laboring mama, what brings ease and comfort can be as unique as the expecting family themselves. I can recall one mom-to-be who asked to sniff her dog's favorite chew toy in between contractions because the scent reminded her of her best friend and her home. Comfort technique favorites … [Read more...]

The Joy of Yoga for Pregnancy

yoga preg affirmation

Long before I started attending yoga classes and way before I ever considered that I might one day be teaching it, I would spend hours staring wistfully at pictures of lithe women looking gorgeously graceful sitting in lotus pose. It just seemed impossible that anyone could actually be comfortable … [Read more...]

The Golden Hour: 5 Keys to A Beautiful Beginning

blissful birth

In the words of Dr Michel Odent, “The hour following birth is undoubtedly one of the most critical phases in the life of human beings.” There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it is during the golden hour after birth where the bonding hormones peak in both mother and baby to help them fall deeply … [Read more...]

Enhancing intimacy for couples during pregnancy and birth

Together we are pregnant

As my years in birth work continue to grow I realize that I gently shape my practice to what is also personally of interest to me.  I have now supported over 250 couples through their birthing experience.  I am now 20 years married and have 2 teenage sons that tower over me.  I can create space in … [Read more...]

What if I must have a caesarian birth? Making it as woman-centred and empowering as possible

As a first-time mum preparing for a natural birth, I did pre-natal yoga, I memorised birth affirmations, hired a TENS machine and prayed for the best. One thing I did not do, however, is read the ‘Caesarean Section’ of the birth books on my bedside table. When the midwives set up a faux Caesarean … [Read more...]

Dance your way to a better birth

alison evans - dancing for birth

What makes a better birth?  Every woman has their own expectations on how they think their birth will transpire.  Some will still take a ‘wait and see’ approach, however there are a growing number of women who are researching their options and preparing themselves to give them, and their babies, the … [Read more...]

3 Good Reasons to Choose a Homebirth

beautiful waterbirth

BIRTHING AT HOME Most pregnancies, among healthy women, are normal, and most births could take place without unnecessary medical intervention.  But to have a baby at home, are you crazy? Maybe not, and I will explain why. There is no shortage of evidence to support the fact that homebirth … [Read more...]

Be Informed for Birth


Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to Be Informed! By Catherine Bell “And while informed parents make many mistakes, uninformed ones make a lot more.  In addition, the uninformed wallow in uncertainty, insecurity, and constant apprehension.  Ignorance is not necessarily bliss.”  … [Read more...]

17 Bright Ideas to Prepare for An Empowering Birth


Giving birth to a baby can be a scary and nervous time for many women but if you prepare, you can be empowered to have a great experience and a positive birth. Katrina Zaslavsky from Birth Goddess and Empowering Birth Magazine has given us her 17 Bright Ideas On How To Prepare For An Empowering … [Read more...]

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