Demystifying the Magic of Connection


People may have spoken to you about the importance of “connecting” with your growing baby. This used to both annoy and intrigue me as I am a trained Intensive Care Nurse and the sort of person that wants to understand why something happens. I like to understand and have insight into what is … [Read more...]

The Power of Loving Touch with Baby Massage


Massage is an important aspect of our human experience. Touch is the first sense developed in the womb. The power of Loving Touch and Massage communicates to baby’s mind, body and spirit. A deeper connection and bond develops between baby and parents. Massage sends your love through the powerful … [Read more...]

Making Womb for Self-Care and Baby Care: The First 3 Months After Birth

By Kathy Morelli, LPC You’re proactive about planning for your pregnancy and birth! You devoured the latest information and research in book and around the web about healthy birth options! You attended birth preparation classes of your choice. You found a birth professional(s) with whom you are … [Read more...]

Babymoon: A Time to Cherish

mother and babe

Often when I am talking to women about birth and parenting I am asked what advice would I give to new parents, I always come back to the importance of a baby moon. I have had three very different births, each presenting me with a new set of challenges to over come and obstacles to face. Yet … [Read more...]

Are you protecting your baby from dangerous baby care products?

baby bundle

Isn’t it time to protect our babies from dangerous products? We have always been taught we are what we eat, but what about what we put on our skin matters too. “From shortly after birth, mothers tenderly wash and pamper their infants with a wide range of baby products. These include soaps, … [Read more...]

Womb Service – A gentle transition from womb to world

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In the watery world of the womb, your baby was weightless and warm, he was comforted by the rhythm of your heartbeat and the gentle rocking motion of his "mother home" as his body was gently massaged by the uterine wall and contained by the boundaries of your own body. Now, from this dark warm world … [Read more...]

Getting organised for baby: top tips for a smooth transition to motherhood

kids closet

When one is on their own, organisation is not such an issue. Once a little one enters your life, you quickly learn patience is not a quality babies naturally possess at birth. When their nappy needs changing, they want it changed NOW. When they are hungry, they want to be fed NOW. When they cry, … [Read more...]

Baby Massage: Exploring The Many Benefits


Guest article by Sam Crosby, Founder Ayana Organics I first discovered the benefits of baby massage 7 years ago, when I was a sleep deprived new mother of a baby with colic. I had already decided not to try any medication, and so I was left trying to research natural methods of colic relief. I … [Read more...]

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