{Video} Davini Malcolm – Birth Wisdom

What an honour and a pleasure it was to interview Davini Malcolm! Davini Malcolm has 29 years of experience in film and television as an Actress. She is now also a Film Producer and was one of the producers for the internationally released and acclaimed DVD Lotus Birth, featuring the homebirth of … [Read more...]

Surprise home water birth: The most incredible experience of my life!

I recall the first day I attended a Prenatal Yoga class at around 24 weeks pregnant. At that stage I was so nervous and fearful of the thought of childbirth, that I ended up bursting into tears in front of 15 or so other yoga class mums at the end of the class. Obviously I knew it was a safe … [Read more...]

Birth Goddess Interview with Actress Zoe Gameau on her Amazing Natural Breech Birth!

It was such an honour to interview well known Australian actress Zoe Gameau (also known as Zoe Tuckwell-Smith) on her natural breech birth in honour of International Breech Week! Breech week is an opportunity to turn something that often causes fear, panic and overwhelm into a cause for greater … [Read more...]

A conscious birthing story + video!

If the heart is open, the body will open. Right when you feel like you physically, emotionally, spiritually feel like can’t take anymore, the miracle appears - your baby! My birthing story is nothing like how I believed birthing to be. I was raised very conventionally and was fearful of the … [Read more...]

How motherhood taught me to love my body

Who knew that it took being stretched to my limits – in every sense of the word- to totally appreciate this body of mine. That’s the power of motherhood. Yet, if we turn the clock right back, it’s hard to believe that instead of celebrating my youth I spent much of it hiding in my own … [Read more...]

During labour I was in a dream state during the whole process but very present

On the 6th of December 2014, I had the delightful experience to give birth to my 1st daughter and it was an extraordinary transformational sacred experience. An extraordinary Rite of Passage. I was charmed by the option of midwifery care along my pregnancy, which kept me away from visiting a GP or a … [Read more...]

VBAC: I delivered with no dramas and absolutely no drugs.

My baby turned 10 in 2015, she was born by a c-section in 2005.. Due to complications I had no choice but to go that path.. I had previously had 3 normal deliveries and enjoyed all my experiences.. Of course your first labour and delivery is always going to be something you can draw on for your next … [Read more...]

Vitamin D in pregnancy & breastfeeding mothers: Is there really nothing healthy about a tan?

Vitamin D deficiency has become a major issue in Australia and could be due to our rigorous slip, slop and slapping. Vitamin D deficiency is of particular concern in pregnant women and breast-fed infants. It is estimated that rates of vitamin D deficiency are 18-84% amongst of pregnant women, … [Read more...]

Stryder’s Birth Story

I was 38 weeks pregnant and a near 2 day drive down to Austin, Texas from Idaho had left my hands and feet swollen to elephantiasis degree. My belly circumference was smaller than my first pregnancy. I give the blame to a side effect of too much stress. Throughout my entire pregnancy I thought we … [Read more...]

Katrina Zaslavsky, Author of “A Modern Woman’s Guide to A Natural Empowering Birth”, TV Interview

Katrina Zaslavsky, founder of Birth Goddess, guest interview with Henry Greener on Channel 31 TV show "The Shtick" about her book to empower women for birth, "A Modern Woman's Guide to A Natural Empowering Birth" and taking the fear and pain out of birth. As a guest on the show in honour of … [Read more...]

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