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We’ve had our baby and she’s just perfect happy and healthy. LuisaJust wanted to say a million thank yous to you for having introduced me to the world of positive natural birth as mine was this way and it was amazing – just like many women describe it in your book {A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth} but my own way.

I wanted to contact you too to find out if there’s a way for me to help empower other women that it’s possible to bring a baby to the world how nature intended and it’s very very rewarding. I’d love to write my birth story and give it to you for some sort of publication, or your next book, or if there’s any way you think I can be an advocate for natural birthing please let me know. I want to let people know of this wonderfulness!

Thanks! X ~ Luisa on the birth of her beautiful little girl Sienna

I really thank you for this.  Recently I made the realization that I have not been present in a good way during my pregnancy. During the beginning of my pregnancy I was going through a lot of emotional distress with my husband. I was also working full time. I started to feel like I hadn’t bonded with my baby. I began to slow down but it was not enough. I got sick. My manager wasn’t too understanding. That’s when I got the epiphany that I needed to respect my body and my responsibility to my child.

I am now in the process of taking maternity leave. I think if it were not for getting a gallbladder attack because of not eating mindfully I probably would have kept working. I knew that I need the time to properly prepare low fat meals, rest and connect but I thought  I had achieved that balance. It was not til landing in the hospital and having to take antibiotics (which I dislike) that I realized I was barely surviving. You are right, we are expected to do a lot. That same guilt made me think my job was number one. Thank you for this reminder. I needed it. It is as if the universe is reminding me I’ve made the right choice to take my maternity leave now, two months before my due date.” ~ Martha

Hi Katrina, I love your emails and magazine – they are interesting, inspiring and about real women. ~ Jane

ReceiveBirth Goddess in the Making

ReceiveBirth Goddess in the Making

Your weekly positive birth tips, insights and more, delivered with love

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How lovely of you to respond so swiftly! You are definitely the kind of woman I’d be proud to call my “dear friend”, if I lived close by. Had my first Aussie pen pal @ age 10 with a marvelous children’s librarian in Melbourne. And my sweet,  pregnant granddaughter is as certain as rain that she lived in Australia in a “past life.”‘ I want you two to know how grateful I am to have met you, half-way though we are, around the globe from each other. I don’t believe in “coincidences” in life; believe ALL people enter our space & cross our paths for a very specific purpose, even if not realized at that moment. So admire the kind of professional services Katrina provides to so many women, at one of the most pivotal phases of their lives. I look forward to benefiting from & sharing with my granddaughter. Many thanks!
With much affection & gratitude, ~ Marilyn

Dear Katrina,

I just wanted to say thank you for your messages – I really love reading them and I love the perfect timing of them. Just wanted to wish you a lovely weekend! Many thanks for your work! ~ Asta

Hello Katrina,
I just wanted to drop a line, as you asked, and say HELLO!
I am greatly enjoying your e-mails and information. It is very inspiring.
I am a CD, CPPD, SBD in Lincoln, Maine (USA). Thank you for your opportunity and news letters. I always look forward to see them, ~ Ashley

Dear Katrina
Thank you so much for all your emails I have wanted to reply to quite a few but life, work, babies means I have few spare moments these days which is a great thing! Your story and your experience of birth and letting go of FEAR is also my story. I am now a Doula and a photographer but it was my birthing journeys that brought me to this beautiful place I am in today …mostly free of FEAR.
Without going into too much detail as it is so easy to do with birth stories I will tell you that I had a traumatic crash csection with my first, another emergency section with my second (both could have been avoided) and then a beautiful, healing, spiritual, empowering (there aren’t enough words) home birth with my third baby my son.
My journey involved educating myself about birth and specifically VBAC and working emotionally on letting go of the fear and trauma from my previous births. I didn’t work on my fear enough before my second birth which meant when my labour began I was so terrified and also uninformed about my options that I got an early epidural resulting in another c-section.
I did so much work on myself before my third birth and although many told me I couldn’t and shouldn’t do it I knew I could and needed to. I am so glad I stayed strong as when I birthed my son in my home in front of the fire a strength came up to me from the earth and love came down to me from above reuniting my masculine and feminine sides in such a way that I screamed out ‘I am a warrior woman!’ And I was! It has truly healed and empowered me in every area of my life. Blessings, Hannah

{Nice to be recognised by an Ob/ Gyn for my work as well as discover one that totally supports natural birth! Just received this personal note all the way from Panama, Central America}

Dear Katrina, I am Obstetrician & Gynecologist. I work almost exclusively with pregnant women. My wife Graciela is too Ob-Gyn. We began 7 years ago to assist mothers in home and water births. It has been almost 300 hundred of successfully and amazing births. Right now in our country, Panamá, exists a huge and growing social movement in favor of natural births without or minimal intervention.

We need people like you !

So, once again, Thank you and our desire to be in contact.

Warm regards,

“Well, I enjoy getting your emails!!! I think my favorite things about your emails, not only are they empowering but what I enjoy most is how frequent I get them. There many people out there giving information and positivity but sometimes it can be infrequent or you have to wait too long to hear back.” ~ Andrea (West Texas, USA)

Hi Katrina, So true about going with the flow in birthing! Am looking forward to creating that zone in my planned home birth next March. Good reminding to practice this! For me this prob means yoga, walks in beach/nature, time to be (not always easy to find with a 3yo!) Maybe cooking, journalling & meditating. All the best and thanks for writing an inspiring book! ~ Stacey

Hi Katrina, I’m a neonatal ICU nurse, which is why I’m interested in what you have to share. Many things have changed since I did midwifery training (30 years ago) 🙂  The doctors in private practice here in South Africa do not give mums-to-be much of a chance at normal delivery. A part of the problem is that the parents accept the doctor’s opinion without question. Mums also seem to have developed very low pain thresholds, and think that a Caesarian section will be less painful, can you understand that? Anyway, hopefully more mums-to-be will read your ‘mag’ and deliver naturally…. Thanks for updates. Regards, Fawny

Katrina, What an inspiring article. {Raising a New Generation of Powerful Women} I’m only 10 weeks pregnant at this stage and I recently had my first appointment with my local midwife. Although she passed on a lot of educational content, I left the appointment feeling like I’d lost a little faith in my body and it’s capabilities – add to this the plethora of horror stories that people seem to be more than willing to share!

This article has helped reaffirm my underlying faith in pregnancy as a completely natural and actually joyful experience – I have your book at the ready and although was planning to wait until a little further down the line before reading it – I think I might start having a wee read of it sooner.
Thank you for your insightful and inspiring writing,

Hi Katrina,
I love that Chinese riddle {Great Wall Story} – it makes sense when you think about it long enough!
I had my first last year – my little Amelia is now 10 months old, my how time flies! I was set on having a natural birth, and spent a lot of time preparing. I researched, I meditated, I dragged my husband along to a private session with a doula for extra advice. When the big day (or “night” as was the case) came, I was ready. My waters broke spontaneously, contractions started within half an hour, and I used simple deep breathing and a semi-meditative state to get through each one. Transition lasted an hour of excruciating pain that had me sitting in the shower, whimpering for an epidural, but I had no idea at that stage that I was near the end – the nurse and the doctor had been trying to convince me to go home not two hours before, saying I was just at the beginning! I held out for my internal exam, where I was surprised to learn I was fully dilated and ready to go! Well, I would have been more surprised if I had not just felt my body suddenly bearing down uncontrollably.
I accepted the offer of some gas and air as I settled into the second stage of the labour, but it was very soon unnecessary – the pushing part wasn’t painful so much as exhausting. Unfortunately neither myself nor my support people (husband, mum and bestie) spoke up to challenge the nurse when she put me in a weird, uncomfortable back position – everyone just sort of assumed she knew what she was doing. I sustained a third degree tear and had surgery under general anaesthetic to repair it. But I always tell people the birth itself was fine – it was what happened after the birth that was horrible!
I sincerely believe that aside from medical complications, any woman who has been educated and empowered, and has good support, can give birth naturally. We are told by everyone around us, and most especially the media, that birth is painful and scary. If only every woman knew that being scared will only make the pain worse, and the whole birth experience harder! I think it’s great that you are working to provide the education and empowerment that women need to face the challenges of birth with confidence.
Sincerely, ~ Rebekkah

Hi Katrina,

Thank you for your wonderful encouragement and words of wisdom for expecting mums ( like myself) – I really love what you are doing!  This is totally the point that makes birth different for many human mums as opposed to other mammal mums – our minds can get in the way and disrupt the amazing nature-designed process. Thanks again 🙂 Kala

Hi Katrina,
It was very helpful. My baby boy is 3 months old now. Everything went well. I enjoyed your articles and thoughts. They helped me keep focused and positive during labour. Thanks for that. Regards, Mathilde

Hi Katrina
Hope you are well 🙂
Just had to respond to your last email, (Myths about Natural Birth) I remember feeling exactly the same after the birth of my son!
I felt on top of the world like I could achieve anything and felt so strong for my new little cherub, it was the birth of a mama bear too!
When people asked about the birth (people who had had children), most said the same things – lucky, high pain threshold (soo not true in my case!!!). Many of them knew I had done a lot of preparation, educating myself on all my options, hypnobirthing techniques, positive affirmations, fear release.
I just wanted to share with everyone how amazing it was and how I believe all women can prepare and educate themselves for a positive birth experience, and how to get their wishes heard.
Then I was asked at my Mothers group, when everyone was sharing their stories, and I started to withdraw from the conversation, as more and more “horror” stories were shared. I found myself quickly recounting some if the facts, and glossing over the “natural” part!
With time now I feel more comfortable with discussing my birth experience and now my sister (2nd bub) and sister in law are pregnant! 🙂 and have been asking about things I recommend – I have pointed then to your website!
Thank you for your inspiring work helping women around the world become less fearful of the birth, it truly is the most empowering experience meeting your bubba 🙂 Thank you, Bec Mills

I really enjoyed it. I’m a labor and delivery nurse of 25 years who is going back for her master’s in nurse midwifery. I am embracing normal birth, and applaud your efforts. Sincerely, Michele

ReceiveBirth Goddess in the Making

ReceiveBirth Goddess in the Making

Your weekly positive birth tips, insights and more, delivered with love

Please check your email to confirm your subscription

Beautiful article! I felt very strongly that I needed to heal all my own past issues as much as possible before conception. And now at 40+1 this baby can come happily into the world when she is ready. Thank you! Kate Hope

Love reading your ‘love notes to pregnant women’ as I perceive them…love your your your mission…!! Hugs xxx Shirley-Anne Joy

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