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Brimming with positivity, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth offers inspiring birth stories, expert tips, practical tools and insights to reclaim your birth power and overcome your fears.


More than just a random collection of stories, the author Katrina Zaslavsky, takes you on a powerful journey of discovery and gives you 21 keys to transforming your birth experience.

This complete mind body preparation guide for every woman in bloom has been described as ‘mandatory reading material’, ‘enchanting’, ‘powerful’ and ‘refreshingly real’ and has been embraced by pregnant women, birth workers, natural therapists and many professionals in the industry.

Generously sprinkled with inspirational quotes and topped with a compelling Afterword by Dr Sarah Buckley, MD internationally renowned author of “Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering”, this is the ultimate mind body preparation guide every woman in bloom has been waiting for!


A few brag book points you may like to consider about the book.….;)

    • As seen on Channel 31 TV in honour of International Women’s Day
    • Rated 5 stars on Amazon
    • Voted Favourite Product Finalist in the Ausmumpreneur Awards 2012
    • Endorsed by the Maternity Coalition of Australia who featured a glowing review in their Birth Matters Magazine to their professional members: “Stands out as one that all women should read as part of their birth preparation.”
    • Endorsed by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) I loved reading {A Modern Woman’s Guide…} We really need to get back to a place where women trust birth, trust the process and above else, trust themselves and their ability to birth their babies and your book will encourage readers to do just that. I think you are onto something powerful here…Love it!”
    • Endorsed by The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS)Reading it is very much like being surrounded by wise women teaching the lessons of birth we wish we had all received as young women. This book will be a great blessing to those women who go seeking for birth wisdom.”
    • Endorsed by the Natural Health Society of Australia
    • Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) Approved


“I’m so proud to be selling this awesome, empowering & must have book for Pregnant Ladies” x ~ Marisa Sinopoli, Retreat You Ladies and Pregnancy Massage (treatment room with book on display featured below)

retreat you treatment room

  • Featured As “Best Books in Wellness” by Living Wellness Magazine
  • As featured on international media including The Mother Magazine UK, Juno Magazine UK, Birth’ n Babies Magazine USA & Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine
  • As featured widely on national Australian media including Cosmopolitan Pregnancy, My Child (major cover feature), Practical Parenting, Nature & Health, Wellbeing, Women’s Health Australia, Coles Baby & Toddler Magazine
  • As seen at major conferences and events including Trust Birth Conference in Nashville USA, Australian Breastfeeding Association Conference 2012.
  • Most importantly endorsed by numerous happy mums (and babies if they could speak!) worldwide whose lives have been changed for the better!!






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Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 06.32.21Natural-Birth-testimonial-Marcy-Axness


birth goddess cards in birthing bag - emily

debra pascali-bonaro at lamaze conference

sunday & otis - book with pink flowers

Birth Goddess Cards

Positive daily gems you can use to re-program your mind and discover your magnificence. Each card contains a stunning birth goddess image on one side and a powerful birth quote with empowering birth affirmation to prepare yourself for a positive birth experience on the other. The perfect gift set for yourself or a friend in bloom you care about. And the best antidote to our birth fright and horror stories.

Underneath the fear, negativity and self doubt is a strong powerful birthing goddess just waiting to be revealed!


Empowering Birth Quote:

“For far too many women, pregnancy and birth is something that happens to them, rather than something they set out consciously and joyfully to do themselves.”

Empowering Birth Affirmation:

“I focus on a smooth, peaceful, joyous birth and take extra care of my mind body and spirit. Birth is beautiful.”


Birth Goddess Cards are great for…

*Self help tool during pregnancy – expectant mums select one card from the deck each day as a positive ritual or read them all daily. They may also choose to find a couple of cards that really resonate and stick them up around the house in visible areas as a helpful reminder (wall, fridge, back of bathroom door, mirror etc)

*Labour aid ~ support person (partner/ doula) reads the affirmations to the mum during labour to keep her strong, calm and positive

*Baby shower or mother blessing gift – makes a beautiful, thoughtful and practical gift for every expecting mother

* Lucky dip or inspirational bowl at counter, bench or in a practitioner room/ centre/ retreat/ birth event in a visible spot – ideal for birth workers or health professionals who want to create a positive atmosphere in their space and give their clients a unique experience beyond the usual visits. Not only will it  add something new and exciting but will also give them a ‘taster’ of the inspirational messages which will often lead to purchases of the boxed gift sets on display.

* Workshop tool – great icebreaker, discussion tool, encourages bonding for new groups of expectant mothers in a safe and supportive environment – TIP: pregnant women sit in a circle with fanned out Birth Goddess Cards in the centre (goddess image side up) Each woman takes the card that is calling to them the most and reads it out loud and says what it means to her. Each woman around the circle does the same. The facilitator may like to open it up to the group and invite discussion from other members. It can unfold into a fabulous learning, sharing and enriching experience for all!!

* Professional gift with purchase – you may like to include a single birth goddess card with purchase as an added value gift for your pregnant mums.

* Gift bag filler or inspiring giveaway item – for birth related workshops, conferences or retreats – guests receive a single birth goddess card or boxed set each. NB. The book makes a great gift bag filler too and can be signed by the author to make it extra special for each guest!

*Workshop prize item or prize package – simply by attending your next class or workshop, the attendants have the chance to win fabulous and empowering prizes! Can be a great incentive for them to book in with you 🙂

*Private consultation tool – the mums will often pick the card they need most in the session (magic happens!) and this can open up and lead to a helpful discussion or counselling/ healing session that is needed. (see picture featured above for example)

* Stocking filler – inspiring gift for the festive season for a new mum to be

cards in birth workshop

What Others Say about Birth Goddess Cards (boxed gift set)

I can’t believe how much the book and cards changed me. I felt so empowered…the goddess cards “omg” the affirmations’ were a big part for me. I loved reading them and would read one every day and write the ones that meant the most to me on my vision board. It helped me to stay positive.

You empowered me when I was at my lowest, you gave me a glimmer of hope and it lit a fire that burned so bright that it kept me empowered through my hard journey to get my VBA2C…During my labour my birth support would say the affirmations to me and i did it!!!! My birth was amazing, empowering, beautiful. Thank you Katrina. Im glad our paths crossed and I got to read your book { A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth} and Birth Goddess Cards ♥ Thank you again, Donna. xo”

birth retreat

bethany meakin“I am in love with them ~ Simply beautiful!”

Dear Katrina,
I really love the cards, use them all the time.
I have been using your Birth Goddess Cards with my clients for a while now and I have to say I am in love with them. I usually spend quite some time chatting with women in their homes and when the time feels right we simply draw a card and chat about the words – more often than not the cards are a reflection of a discussion we’d just been having.
I was with a beautiful expectant mum the other day, we both read cards out to each other and cried mid sentence.  They tap on some real emotions and help to bring out a new way to articulate a thought if the feeling is there but the words aren’t.
I also used the cards during a blessing way, we each took a card and read them to each other, a really special time of stillness, reflection and deep connection with each other.
Thank you for putting the affirmations and quotes together, they are simply beautiful.
~ Bethany (Belly Beans Doula) Melbourne, Australia

Here is what one of our participants at our Reclaim Your Birth Power Workshop had to say…..”Just wanted to say how great your book and cards were to me during my pregnancy and labor. I attended one of your sessions last year with my Doula. It was so motivating and so helpful. I was wanting a VBAC for my second baby and I GOT IT.

My labor was hard work but i didn’t give up at any stage and what a great feeling it was when my baby was put on my chest, I was so emotional from knowing I did acheive a VBAC that didn’t think to check what sex it was. Then to my suprise my partner announced it was a GIRL (really sure i was having a boy). I was crying out to everyone IT’S A GIRL AND I’VE HAD A VBAC. I suggest your book now to everyone. It was the best reading during my pregnancy so thank you.” ~ Marcelle


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