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BirthGoddess-logoI believe the time is NOW for a Positive Birth Revolution and this begins with each woman having a personal revolution in her start to motherhood. This positive experience ripples into every area of her life, ensures her baby enters the world with gentle, loving beginnings and goes way beyond the birth itself. Positive births can change the world.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that birth could be so positive, powerful and transformative? That this newfound courage and confidence as a woman wouldn’t just stay in the birthing room but would ripple out to every area of my life starting from motherhood itself….

For me, this not only resulted in two natural drug free births that I so dearly wanted with my beautiful girls but also a very empowered Mummy ready to take on the world! While I wasn’t aware of it at the time, my obsessive hunger for knowledge, making peace with my extreme fears and commitment to conscious birth preparation was all for a good cause; It turns out I didn’t just cross the bridge for myself but for women (and their babies) all over the world! And now I can give that gift to you…

My book, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth was born from this inspiration ~ It was an inspired idea that just struck me and spoke to me so loudly I had to listen – I needed to share inspiring birth stories and give women a new possibility of how positive and empowering birth could be. That single decision changed the course of my life.

What followed was the creation of Birth Goddess: A Positive Revolution and all the wonderful offerings under this umbrella of support and empowerment that I am so proud and excited to offer you.

I have since become committed to supporting women to give birth as nature intended and overcome their fears about birthing in a world that has become so over-medicalised and fearful of something so perfectly natural. My wish is that every woman experience a positive and empowering birth on her terms. (for me that obviously meant au naturale and drug free but whatever that means for YOU!)

So here are 8 Ways to Empower Yourself with Birth Goddess……



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“When birth is no longer feared, numbed or endured it has the opportunity to become one of the most powerful, positive and transformative things a woman will ever experience in her lifetime.”~Katrina Zaslavsky (Birth Goddess)

A positive birth means the mother is empowered and has the freedom to choose every step of the way, who, where, how she gives birth and makes informed choices for herself and her baby. She approaches birth with a sense of positivity rather than fear, and is in control, powerful and respected. The birth leaves her feeling enriched, filled with joy and pride and ready to take on motherhood and the world.

I truly believe that underneath the cloud of fear, misconceptions and self doubt is a powerful birth goddess waiting to be revealed….

Meet Katrina, Birth Goddess Founder, Author, Coach, Practitioner & Mum on a Mission

Profoundly impacted by my own personal journey into motherhood after crossing the bridge from intense fear to complete peace and power (and discovering inner resources I didn’t know I had!) I felt compelled to empower other women to walk the same path.

“Cure the fear, dissolve the tension and you solve the pain” ~ Katrina Zaslavsky, Author and Founder of Birth Goddess reveals her secret to a PAIN-FREE birth after crossing the bridge from intense fear to complete peace and power!!



So join me for the most exciting and life changing ride of your life – I am deeply passionate about helping you to reclaim your birth power and giving yourself and your baby the very best start!

You can do this!!!  So Empower Yourself and then join me in creating a Positive Birth Revolution!

Birth Blessings,



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