Birth Goddess Audio Cards


50 Positive Daily Gems for Every Birthing Goddess to Discover Your Magnificence. Includes 25 Empowering Birth Quotes and 25 Empowering Birth Affirmations, accompanied by beautiful background music to help you deeply relax for birth preparation and/or labour. Designed to help you banish fear, reclaim your birth power and prepare yourself for a positive birth experience as well as enjoy the ride.

Imagine walking on the beach or in the park while listening to powerful quotes and affirmations for a beautiful pregnancy and birth? Or programming your mind positively (and getting rid of your fears for good) while you are on your way to someplace else? This was my vision since releasing the gorgeous set of Birth Goddess Cards and now it’s finally a reality!

Simply repeat the inspirational messages out loud and really embody them as a positive daily ritual during pregnancy. Or just sit back and relax and let them wash over you as you go deeper into another place. Repeated daily, you will transform your mind and give yourself the best chance of having a beautiful birthing experience.

Need a good labour aid? Create a positive birthing space no matter where you are? Bring this audio into labour with you and let the powerful affirmations and quotes, give you strength, focus and motivation to keep you going – while the beautiful music keeps you in your calm birthing zone -as you ride those waves to finally meet your baby!

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“Thanks so much. I love the audio! I’ve listened to it over and over. I’ve even fallen asleep to it a couple of times. My fiancé fell asleep to it last night too! I’d love to be able to listen to it over and over during birth on repeat.  I’ve loved your products and will continue to use them for the following 9 weeks or so.” ~ Heather-Ray Mae

“Thank you,  just listened  to it and absolutely  love it!!!!” ~ Jess (Jessica Naylor, New Zealand)

“It’s great! Soothing voice not overly sensitive like other cds can be. Calming music – powerful affirmations. I had a lot of those on my walls. Way better then hypnobabies meditation. {Could you see it as a labour aid or just pregnancy tool?} For sure, reinforces the power of self and to look at birth from love not fear. {Would you recommend for first time mothers or after that too?} Oh yes! And for moms who have had traumatic births. I work with preggo every day Hun – this will be going on my “things to get” list.”   ~ Emily Jacobson CD(DONA) PCD(DONA) Wisconsin USA.

“I have listened to it on my phone a couple of times now and it is such a great comfort.” ~ Stefanie Stevens

“The voice was great. I felt really relaxed from it. It would be fantastic for pregnant women! I would definitely recommend it for someone to listen to daily and in labour. The affirmations were great! very empowering.. I would say for any mum expecting. I have 3 girls and I would’ve listened to that in all their pregnancies if I could’ve…..” ~ Moran Liviani (doula, Western Australia)

“Wowww…wonderful Katrina…Thank you so much…The voice is so calming. I love the messages and affirmations from the birth goddess cards for pregnancy audio…so peaceful…” Diana Elsa (Jakarta, Indonesia)
“I really loved the audio! Such an inspiration. Although it is more than 6 months that I’ve been pregnant somehow in my head I still didn’t put all the “pieces” together and when I’ve listened to the audio and it felt like “wow”, is this really happening to me :)) Made me feel very powerful and magical!! Thanks a lot!” ~ Marina St (France)

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