FABULOUS! This is the book I was so desperately seeking a decade ago when preparing for my first birth.

I was pregnant with my fourth when I got my hands on this, frankly, FABULOUS book!

The information contained within was not new to me, but it reaffirmed everything I’d accepted!  When it comes to Informed Decisions, even when you feel you know it all, or have it all sorted, it is important to revisit what has become your ‘old’ information.  I did just that with this book.

Each page had me cheering, high five-ing myself,as Katrina Zaslavsky presented evidenced-based information, birth stories and statements by well respected researchers and workers in the birth field.  

The title claimed ‘a natural empowering birth’…and it delivered.  

Most women start out assuming they will birth naturally, and many a birth plan error is based in this assumption.  This book helps replace assumption with knowledge and understanding of how certain choices can limit further choices, how who with and where you choose to birth can improve your experience and better prepare you for a natural birth.  

I have added this book to my Top Reads, as it is inspiring and, most importantly, evidence-based.  It breaks down what to expect in a way that still leaves room for informed decisions.

This book is not instructional – it is informative.  And that is what makes it empowering.

This is the ‘book’ I was so desperately seeking a decade ago, when preparing for my first birth. 

Catherine Bell, Bellabirth

About Katrina Zaslavsky

Katrina is an inspired international author, speaker and voice for women. A former public health professional turned mum on a mission and now editor, coach and practitioner, she is making positive waves across the globe as founder of Birth Goddess, committed to being a part of the “Positive Birth Revolution” and empowering women for motherhood.
Her book, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth, is a collection of inspiring birth stories (afterword by Dr Sarah Buckley MD) and shares how she overcame her extreme fears of childbirth and discovered inner peace and power she didn’t know she had. One of her biggest personal revelations that she would love to shout from every rooftop? “When birth is no longer feared, numbed or endured it has the opportunity to become one of the most powerful, positive and transformative things a woman will ever experience in her lifetime."

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