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A holistic approach to pregnancy allows a woman to embrace the life-changing journey she is on from a multidimensional perspective: exploring the uncharted terrain physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Learn more in our Birth Column, Wholeness in Pregnancy by Diane Speier.

If you are expecting and exploring your holistic options, you are bound to wonder about the delights of birthing in water & what constitutes a successful water birth? We are thrilled to share with you our Hot Article (in more ways than one!) In Deep: 7 Waterbirth Secrets, by Waterbirth International Founder, Barbara Harper.

Discover 5 essential yet little known homeopathic natural remedies to add to your pregnancy, labour & recovery toolkit thanks to midwife Jutta Wulhrub.

Did you know that you can genetically “program” your baby to be a healthy adult from pregnancy? It may sound like science fiction but it is a scientific fact. A happy pregnancy is important for having a healthy baby, not just during infancy, but as an adult as well. Learn the Real Truth about “Programming Healthy Babies” with Eleni Roumetouliou.

We explore Your Best Holistic Birthing Tool thanks to Sheila Kamara Kay. Here is a little preview….”Right now, I want to focus on how you can best holistically support the natural process of birth with PLEASURE. You read that right. Pleasure. Pleasure is the most holistic birthing tool there is. How is that possible when 90% of women associate birth with pain? Well, your birthing body and your sexual body are one and the same. Babies and birth are not separate and distinct from sex, but rather they are the culmination of the sexual process….

Plus get your burning questions answered in-depth by Karen Wilmot in Ask the Midwife

In this issue: Extreme fear of birth/ Do you need a good level of fitness/core strength to have a natural birth?/ Swollen legs in pregnancy/ What to ask your Ob for VBAC?)

And even more holistic goodness packed into one gorgeous issue….!!


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