Mother’s Day Interview – Katrina Zaslavsky on Channel 31 TV

Be careful what you wish for! When I put it ‘out there’ to get the message of empowering women for birth on TV, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon!

In the name of celebrating motherhood, Henry Greener from channel 31~The Shtick, kindly invited me back on the show to talk all things birth, motherhood and the launch of the exciting new Pregnancy Pamper Retreat….and here is how it went….{click play on the pic above to get the party started!}

Meet Katrina Zaslavsky, founder of Birth Goddess, as she shares the inside story behind her inspirational book for new expectant mothers, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth with Henry Greener on Channel 31 TV.

She also speaks about the importance of preparing for motherhood and taking time out for self care and relaxation with the launch of the exciting new Pregnancy Pamper Retreat together with Acacia Wellness.

Order the {paperback edition} book or grab your kindle e-book copy on Amazon here

Need to see more first? Read your free preview chapter here

More about the NEW Pregnancy Pamper Retreat 

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