Rise & Shine Issue of Empowering Birth Magazine – Rising Above Adversity

EBMagJun14-CoverRISE AND SHINE with this brave new issue, featuring Barbara Harper, Waterbirth International, as she shines a light on the sometimes harsh reality of birth loss and finding faith and wisdom in the face of adversity. We show you how to shift old patterns, move beyond your birth blueprint and heal from birth trauma. Be inspired by our story on natural breech against all odds, build resiliance for motherhood and much more!!

In our RISE AND SHINE issue (rising above adversity) we are honoured to feature Barbara Harper, founder of Waterbirth International and worldwide expert on waterbirth and gentle, undisturbed birth, as she shines a light on the sometimes harsh reality of loss and finding faith and wisdom in the face of adversity.

“We can have an increased or decreased ability to GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE due to the experiences in our formative period…largely dependant on the state of our mother’s wellbeing, her feelings about the pregnancy and motherhood and the flow of love between you.” …..So what can we do if we weren’t lucky enough to arrive in a bubble of bliss? Nicole Moore from Birth into Being Australia enlightens us on how to work with our limbic imprint to allow more comfort and ease with love, peace, connection with ourselves, others and our world in Move Beyond Your Birth Blueprint. 

“The transition to motherhood can be challenging at the best of times, requiring enormous personal adjustment and involving a steep learning curve. Unexpected adverse events – complications during pregnancy, difficult labour, preterm birth, postnatal depression – certainly increase the challenge for many women. Adversity requires resilience.” Dr Koa Whittingham – Parenting from the Heart gives practical strategies and the real truth on building your own resilience during the challenging times so you can bring the JOY back to motherhood!

“Deep down, I didn’t feel that the baby needed to turn for me to have a natural birth. My husband was worried when the baby turned back to breech, but Dr. Aybar told us that “we need to trust our baby. If she returned to breech position, it is because that is what she wants and that there is a reason for it. When the time comes, mum and baby know the way. It’s natural, it’s human nature… and he was right….” Be inspired by Tessia’s story, Natural Breech Against All Odds.

And much more!!!!

Wow, stunning image as well as content. Thanks Katrina~ Dr Sarah Buckley MD, internationally acclaimed author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

 Thankyou for another inspiring issue, giving readers a whole bunch of insights and tangents to explore in their journey towards birth. Hats off to you for pulling all this together and making each issue so readable, beautiful and informative.  Nicole

Enjoy “Rise and Shine” as a single issue or collect every issue of Empowering Birth with the Full Bundle! 🙂

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