A healing and empowering birth – even when things didn’t go to plan!

 What an honour to share in Taryn’s birth journey from a traumatic hospital birth to a “healing experience” and “empowering” one – and thank you for showing us that it is still possible even when things don’t go to plan…..

Taryn shares: ” I bought the book {A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth} about a year and a half ago after my first birth. My first experience was traumatic – I was booked into a hospital for a natural birth and ended up with a c-section. The baby was taken away from me for no reason and I felt lost in the system.

The second time I went for a homebirth. It was a beautiful, wonderful experience at home. I laboured for 19hrs and felt very much relaxed. I ended up transferring as it was taking too long. Also they found meconium in the waters so we were a bit concerned.
I felt like I was in the deep end- I went from my own space in control to being strapped down to a machine. I was given the decision to have a c-section. It was time – I decided I don’t want to risk it anymore.

The second time I felt a lot more empowered, more in control and had the final say. Last time I was pressured into it. It was a healing experience for me. I have a lot more information now and I would go for a VBAC again next time, no question but I am also more prepared for a c-section should it go that way. It was a great experience in the end.

She also added offline: “I share your book with everyone. Even if the only thing they got from reading the book was “it’s ok to say NO” that is so empowering.  As soon as women go to hospital they think that doctors know better than them because they are the authority and so they just do what they are told and give their power away.”

The book is available online internationally in paperback here or in major bookstores Australia-wide. Now also available in paperback in the UK & Europe via Gazelle books or as a kindle e-book on Amazon.

Live spontaneous video recording at Peninsula Pregnancy Bubs & Kids Expo at Birth Goddess stand ~ Frankston Arts Centre Victoria, Australia,  June 1st 2014.


About Katrina Zaslavsky

Katrina is an inspired international author, speaker and voice for women. A former public health professional turned mum on a mission and now editor, coach and practitioner, she is making positive waves across the globe as founder of Birth Goddess, committed to being a part of the “Positive Birth Revolution” and empowering women for motherhood.
Her book, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth, is a collection of inspiring birth stories (afterword by Dr Sarah Buckley MD) and shares how she overcame her extreme fears of childbirth and discovered inner peace and power she didn’t know she had. One of her biggest personal revelations that she would love to shout from every rooftop? “When birth is no longer feared, numbed or endured it has the opportunity to become one of the most powerful, positive and transformative things a woman will ever experience in her lifetime."

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